Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Ten, Nine, Eight...

Yes, the countdown is on! Two more days and then Katie and I are off to retreat :o) WOO HOO!!!! I started packing last weekend. Every year I say I'm going to reduce the amount of stuff that I bring, and I have somewhat, but there is still a carload that ends up going. DH just keeps shaking his head. I think all the husbands do and rightfully so because you'd think we were going for a whole week! It adds up though. The necessities are a sleeping bag, pillow, chair, table, lamp, and a suitcase full of clothes. That might not seem like a lot to some but you try to reduce that even further ;o)

Then you have your stitching, which is your number one concern ;o) That gets packed and unpacked so many times that in the end, I have no idea what projects I am taking with me! I never learn either. In my head I have this great plan that I'm going to finish X number of things while I'm away but really, it's only two days of stitching and even Wonder Woman couldn't perform a miracle. But not two solid days because you have to factor in sleeping (which doesn't amount to a lot), eating (which keeps you hopping with all the food that comes out of that kitchen) and talking (which never stops). LOL! Do you see the dilemma? I have finally narrowed things down and I will be taking Flowers, a new Little House Needleworks project, a WIP LHN project, two ornaments and a new Abbey Lane Designs project. Now realistically, how many of those do you think I'm going to start, let alone finish!

I did complete a small project last night. Since I have fallen in love with my Snow Lady ornament, I have decided to keep her. Because of this, I had to come up with another ornament for the exchange so I stitched up another Needle Magic kit called Bear. I think he's pretty cute as well :o)

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Last night was pretty uneventful. We never get any trick or treaters here because we are outside the city. In a way I miss it but in a way I don't ;o) We did have two surprises though. Our nephew dressed up for his first Halloween and I have to say that he is just the cutest!!!!

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Brie also surprised us and made an outfit of her own ;o)

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~Kim~ said...

Have fun Cathey! I hope that (well Im sure) you enjoy yourself! Cant wait to read about all the fun you had!

Your Spongebob is adorable there! And Brie.. that devil!.. LOL


Faith Ann said...

Awww... your little bear is cute... and so is your nephew!

Then I had to close the window... Brie scared me :)

Katie said...

ooooohhhh less than 24 hours and we're on the road, sweet!!!!!!!!!