Thursday, November 09, 2006

Flying High

WOOHOO! I can't believe it but I actually have a big finish to share :o) Retreat got me started back on my 12 Blessings of Christmas and last night I completed it!!!!

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What a good feeling to be able to take that off my WIP list. I am SO pleased with it. When it will get framed, I have no idea but that's okay. As you can see, I stitched mine all in one with the freebie border from Lizzie Kate. The thought of doing them all separately did not sit well with me and this was the perfect compromise :o) My piece was stitched on the 32 count Mushroom Lugana that the patterns called for.

I also added my bat buttons to Boo so check out his new picture under the Boo! Who? entry back in October.

Now it's back to Flowers and I expect to finish her by the end of the weekend at the very latest. The backstitching is going quite quickly. It will be a HUGE relief to get two big projects out of the way :o)

On Monday, my doctor had prescribed a new medication called Lyrica for my Fibromyalgia. I wasn't going to start it until the weekend but decided to try it last night as the Fibromyalgia pain was just being masked by the Tylenol 3. I'm not familiar with this new drug and need to do a bit more research on it. I'm have no idea if it was the fatigue catching up with me or the Lyrica that I took last night, but I couldn't even stay awake. When I did go to bed, I slept like a rock until 10 am this morning. I think I'll just stick with one pill at night until the weekend. I don't think it would be good if I was caught sleeping on my computer at work ;o)


Faith Ann said...

It's gorgeous!! I love them stitched together like that.

What's up after Flowers?

Emily said...

This is so pretty!! Your stitching looks perfect...I like them all together :-)

Jenn said...

How Pretty! Congrats on the finish.

Shannon L. said...

It looks fabulous ! I love it ! :)

Tempus fugit said...

Too pretty !!! I didn't know this pattern.