Monday, November 13, 2006

I Can Dance, I Can Dance,

Everyone look at my...FINISH!!!! LOL! Yes, I am excited to say that I have another big finish out of the way and scratched off my list :o) Flowers is officially completed as of this evening! Whew! It took longer than I expected but work got in the way and there was nothing I could do about that. Bad work! Bad! Flowers has been finished with a few of my own changes and I am quite happy with them. I converted all the buttons to ones made by JABC. I refused to stitch that gremlin looking creature that was crawling out of one of the flowerpots and replaced him with an inchworm button. There was a heart on the leg of her overalls that I replaced with the breast cancer heart button. A bee took the place of beads up in the saying and I left out some backstitched words that were on some of the items. She will soon be off to the framers as soon as I decide what frame will go nicely with her :o)

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So what's next on my agenda? Well, I 'really' should complete The Quilt Time Sampler by LHN but my newly acquired Gathering Eggs by Mirabilia is calling out my name ;o) I guess you'll just have to wait and see who wins...

On my way home from work this afternoon, I stopped by a fibers sale that was being held. Most of the stuff being sold was geared towards quilters and rug hookers but one of the booths had a beautiful selection of fibers that were perfect for any stitcher :o) They had pearl cottons and silks in every variegated color under the rainbow! They were just gorgeous! I picked up two skeins of fine pearl (which would be very comparable to Caron's Wildflowers). They are made by Stef Francis from England but a shop called The Cotton Mill Threadworks in Toronto, Ontario, carries them.

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When I finally arrived home, DH had the house looking quite nice. He had finished all the laundry, changed the bed and made some chocolate tapioca pudding for after supper :o) To top that, he even prepared supper! We had turkey, mashed potatoes, carrots and squash. Now normally I hate squash and have always refused to eat it because I never liked the taste. I have NO idea what DH did to this batch of squash but it was de-li-cious! I'm not kidding! I think I have finally grown fond of the vegetable that I shunned for all these years. Don't get me wrong, I'm always up for trying anything new but for some reason squash never really did anything for me. It wasn't pushed back as far as pea soup (that's a completely different story!) but it was a good football field's length away ;o) I do have a friend whose name I will not mention, Katie (cough!), that dislikes any vegetable that starts with C. Yes, you heard it right. Why that is, I have no idea and I've been desperately trying to figure it out. What vegetable(s) do you dislike? Is there anyone out there that can top Katie's phobia?


Shannon L. said...

Hate any vegetable starting with a C.... I wonder if the cocoa plant is technically a vegetable, and if so wouldn't that eliminate chocolate from ones diet ? Oh poor Katie ! ;)

Flowers looks FABULOUS ! I love the buttons you chose :) And I"m putting a warning label on your blog. I've now glanced through both Mira and LHN's sites ... bad thing to do lol

Anonymous said...

I love your finish!!! She's so cute & your changes are perfect. Very very nice!

So what did your DH do to the squash that made it so tasty? I'm not a big fan of the stuff myself ... I love veggies but that is NOT one of them. *lol*

Faith Ann said...

Ha! Nope, I can't topic Katie's veggie issues LOL.

I cannot stand spinach or fiddleheads. I can eat them both (if I have to), but I really, really hate them. Oh... add brussel sprouts to that list. For the most part, I can handle most of the "ordinairy" veggies.

Lili said...

I came to your blog to thank you for commenting on mine, and I'm too happy I did! Lovely finishes (love JJ!) and we both have the same kind of wonderful sister soul as husbands. If we were not that far from each other, I would wonder if we share DH! Which would explain all that dreadful time spent at work... lol...
The changes you have made on the JJ design really look great. And I agree that L*K's 12 designs HAD TO be stitched all together.
Take care!