Tuesday, October 31, 2006

To All Ghosts, Ghouls & Goblins


I was quite disappointed on my drive in to town today. Has Halloween lost its appeal? It wasn't until I got to work that I saw someone dressed up and even there they were few and far between on our floor :o( I was hoping to see some really original costumes. I did happen to get a glance at one of those new inflatable costumes and I have to say that they are hilarious! I have no idea how you get through a door in one, let alone sit at a desk, LOL!

Another Halloween and DH and I have once again failed to carve out a pumpkin. We used to do it every year when we first met and then for some reason we stopped. So here is my decorated pumpkin for this year :o)

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I made this little guy into a pin a few years ago. It's from the pattern Witch and Friends by Jacqueline Fox. You can find this pattern in the October 1993 issue of Leisure Arts The Magazine.

Today I sat back and reminisced about Halloween costumes of my youth and I came up with two that I have fond memories of. My mom made most of the costumes that I wore and she was great at what she did. One year I was Wonder Woman :o) I remember watching that show every week and I was so captivated by Lynda Carter's character that my mom wrote a letter to the television station when the show went off the air. I had the skirt with the stars on it, the lasso and even the wrist cuffs. I thought it was so neat that a woman could defeat the bad guys! The second costume was by far one of my favorites...a bunny. Maybe that is when my love for bunnies started :o) Mom made a complete rabbit suit, head to toe, out of fake fur. Even my feet and hands were covered! I walked around with a carrot and I was probably the warmest child out there that night. That was back in the day when we had snow for Halloween ;o) Do you remember what your favorite costume was?


Shannon L. said...

Wow, your mom was talented in the costume department ! My favourite costume was a simple witch costume when I was about 5. I must dig out a picture. Second favourite was a very cool "dracula" cape she made my brother, and I recycled a couple of times for myself. No bunnies or furry things in my costume repetoire :)

Love your pumpkin. We gave up buying pumpkins because we kept forgetting to carve them LOL

~Kim~ said...

Just think Cathey, that pumpkin is thanking you for not having it go "under the knife"... LOL

What did you dress up as today?!? I have my Trick Or Treat shirt on, and my candy corn socks.. go me! Oh yeah, and the kiddies treats are all ready to go!


Faith Ann said...

No one in our office was dressed up either... but I didn't really expect anyone would.

There were a few houses in our neighborhood who really went all out for Halloween... with a bonfire and hot apple cider for parents; homemade fudge at another house (again, for the parents); lots of adults dressed up and handing out candy... I was quite impressed!