Thursday, November 02, 2006

Camp Wildwood Here We Come!

By this time tomorrow, Katie and I should be good and tired from shopping, with a belly full of food, finally pointing the car north towards Camp Wildwood :o) WOO HOO!!!! Once there we'll claim our sleeping quarters, set up our stitching spot and plunk down for the remainder of the two days. If I can get myself to relax, it will be pure bliss and a much needed getaway with friends.

The car is pretty much packed and is topped up with gas. I just have a few last minute things to put together, like my clothes and the last of my stitching stuff, and I'm set to go! Again I have tried to integrate and narrow things down but I still feel like I'm going for a week. Well, maybe a month ;o) I always feel like I'm leaving or forgetting something behind. I don't know why. If I do, I either won't miss it, won't need it, or someone will have it. That's the best part of having 60-80 other ladies there. Someone is bound to have what you need. Oh, did I mention the mini NS store that is set up there as well :o)

So, I'm off! I won't be posting again until after the weekend. Don't worry though, I will have 'lots' of tails and stories to tell come next week. That is after I have recuperated ;o)


Katie said...

My head is already at wildwood. I've been slapping Visa against the desk to warm it up for tomorrow!! ;)

Faith Ann said...

Have fun! Eat lots! Buy lots! Enjoy yourself!!

Shannon L. said...

Have fun girls ! I'm envious. Can't wait to hear all the details :D

Vanessa said...

Have a geat time! What a nice treat for yourself. Not too often we can do things like this.
Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog :)

'Berta said...

Enjoy your weekend Cathey!