Monday, November 06, 2006


What a way to wake up on a Monday morning :o( I know, I know! The first snowfall is supposed to be pretty but pretty does not describe the mess that I faced when I went in to work. There is something about a first snowfall and idiots that go hand in hand. Luckily my trip in town was uneventful and quicker than some of the earlier commuters. Thankfully this light layer of snow will not last long. Give me snow on Christmas but the rest of the winter months; I prefer the dull grey landscape.

Going to work took a bit of an effort today but I did it. To be honest, I hardly got any work done due to meetings. I met with the rehab specialist from LTD and any rest and relaxation that I got over the weekend quickly flew out the door. It got even uglier when I phoned my LTD caseworker. As a friend coins it, Long Term Disappointment... Sigh!

It was a long day and a rushed one at that. I had a doctor's appointment after work and he prescribed a new medication for my Fibromyalgia. I hope it will give me some relief but I don't want to start it until the weekend just in case there are some undesirable side effects.

The best part of my day happened when I opened up my email this morning! On October 28, I put in an order with Stitches N Things. Yes, I bought some stash but Shannon has declared it falls under the Gifts & Donations clause ;o) It is legitimate too because when I placed my order I also made a donation to their breast cancer fundraiser as well. Anyway, I found out that I am the winner of the Pink Grand Prize! I have no idea what it is but I sure am curious :o) Keep coming back to see what I have won because I'll post a picture the day it arrives.

Well, another day has been put in and it's time for this TaTa Tassel Twin to hit the hay ;o)


Faith Ann said...

Love the retreat summary and a picture the ta ta tassel twins LOL. You were very well behaved when it came to shopping... I thought you'd go a little nuts after your stash starve!

Ughhh... I'm sick of snow already! I had an awful drive to work yesterday morning...we're getting our snow tires put on tomorrow.

Shannon L. said...

The retreat pictures are faaaaaaabulous. You look terrrific ! Looooove the ta ta tassel twins lol

Glad you got some goodies in the mail :) That'll brighten a day quickly, won't it ?