Thursday, November 16, 2006

Laughter Really IS The Best Medicine

I finally made it to Stitch Night! Lately I haven't been going because I've either been too tired, too stressed or too sore :o( Well, after having such a frustrating and eye gouging out day with work and LTD, I decided that it was time to do something for me and it was exactly the thing I needed! It never fails that when I need cheering up, the girls are the ones to do it. Don't get me wrong, DH does the best job but when you're in a situation together it's sometimes good to get outside help :o)

Every third Wednesday of the month our group meets in the upstairs room in the Sobey's grocery store. I know, it sounds like a weird place to meet but it's perfect for us. They have a kitchen in the room so when we do our potluck Saturdays, we have everything there that we need, including a stove to warm things up in ;o) I can't even remember how many years this group has been meeting but it's been a long time. I think I started going back around 2000 but I know the group was together before that. Ladies come and go but there are a number of us that are regulars and we've really become good friends :o)

Last night there were thirteen of us. I brought my 12 Blessings of Christmas and my Flower Lady to show off :o) I finally go to see Katie's Voice of the Shepherd and Faith Ann's Bear Dragging Tree (his official name is Winter Wonder but he's earned this nickname). Those gals do a lovely job! There were also other projects on the Show and Tell table but stupid me did not bring a camera. I'm going to have to learn to bring the digital. Katie and Faith Ann also got to see the new project that I started...Gathering Eggs by Mirabilia :o) I don't have much done. After humming and hawing about whether I wanted to use hand dyed fabric, I settled on Natural Pearl Linen as my choice and I love it! Here is my progress so far -

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We had some wonderful news last night although it took the three of us a lot longer than normal to clue in ;o) A friend of ours from group is pregnant with her first baby! She even had the ultra sound pictures but to me it looked like a peanut. She's not that far along so that probably explains it :o) I brought my pictures from retreat so those that didn't go got to see what was there. Katie and I are thinking about taking our performance on the road so if you want to see the TaTa Tassel Twins in person, you'd better book early ;o)

Several years ago our group was appropriately named Friends That Count. And to be honest, that's what it all comes down to. These girls are so unique in personality but they all share the ability to make one laugh when it's needed the most, to surprise you when you least expect it and to open a warm heart and embrace you with a much needed hug. Friendship happens when you least expect it and I truly value the friendship I have with Faith Ann and Katie. Not to worry, you're in there too Shannon! You guys are THE BEST! :o)


Shannon L. said...

Friends that Count is very appropriate :) If only I lived closer ! I'm very glad you went.

Faith Ann said...

Awwww... we love you too Cathey :)

Karen said...

Hi Cathey I love the Gathering Eggs design you are starting ,I hope you enhoy stitching it