Friday, November 10, 2006

I'm Going On A Date!

I had a wonderful surprise when DH came to visit me at work today :o) I thought he was just coming over to pick up his money and the phone bill so I was taken completely off guard when he asked me if I wanted to go on a date. He then produced an envelope for The Playhouse and there inside were two tickets to see Matt Dusk on November 18! Wow! Not only do I get a night of great music and great company but I also get some good eye candy as well! (Btw sweetie, I know you are going to read this ;o) ) For those of you not familiar with this artist, check out his website.

DH and I have been married for 11 years now. If you asked us, we'd both tell you that it feels more like 40 years ;o) If there is such a thing as a soul mate, he is mine. DH is my best friend and has been since day one. During the second month that we were going out, he told me that he was going to marry me. I doubt very much he knew what he was really getting himself into when he made that promise. LOL! When we got married, he promised me 70 years and then we could go our separate ways if we wanted to. That was fine with me. I still have 59 years ;o)

After being married this long, there are times when it's hard to come up with new things to keep the relationship hopping and us on our toes. Surprises are always good but I think Date Nights are even better :o) It's a chance to get away from the house and 'the kids'. We are so used to just sitting down in front of a television or computer but with a date night, it's just the two of us doing something together. This is a fairly new idea that we have started and I love it. It brings back some of that romance :o)


Jenn said...

What a sweet thing for your DH to do! I hade a look at Matt Dusk's web site as I'd never heard of him before. Mmmm he is a cutie! :)

~Kim~ said...

Oh wow.. enjoy your date! DH is taking me out on my bday next Sunday! WOOHOO!


Shannon L. said...

I think it's fabulous ! Your DH is a sweetie :) And Matt Dusk ? *swoon*

70 years eh ? Wow, that's impressive ! A&I agreed to 50 years. We've got 40 left, and then we're trading each other in for newer models. Maybe... or I may decide to keep him. lol Hard to say...