Monday, November 27, 2006

Prison Break Withdrawals

Yup! It's only been fifteen minutes and I can already feel the effects. This is not good! In case you didn't realize, the final fall episode of Prison Break was tonight. Do you know what that means???? It means that they won't be playing any new shows until after the new year :o( I don't even have any reruns that I can watch in the meantime! WHAT AM I GOING TO DO???? It shouldn't be legal to leave a person hanging like this! What's Prison Break you ask? It's only THE BEST show on television right now! This is their second season and I have been addicted since it was first born a year and a half ago. DH thinks the show is outrageous but the truth is he's just jealous that women find the main character, Michael, hot ;o)

I have to admit...I'm a slave to television. There are only two nights out of the week that I can't find something to watch. Maybe that's a sign that I should take that time to relax my eyes and mind or maybe do something productive ;o) Starting on Sunday, I have Cold Case and Desperate Housewives. Although I have been watching Desperate Housewives from the very first, it cannot compare to my main love, Prison Break ;o) Speaking of Prison Break, it's part of the Monday night line up along with CSI Miami. Now, to be 100% honest, I really don't care for CSI Miami and their beloved Horatio. He's got to be the worst actor ever born but I think I'm drawn to his over-the-top cheese factor. LOL! Tuesday night was a bit lonely with just House on but now I have added 3 lbs. to the mix. It's a good show and besides, I love any opportunity to say the name Stanley Tucci. Stanley Tucci :o) Wednesday is a busy night for me because America's Next Top Model, CSI NY, Criminal Minds AND Bones are on. You should see me trying to coordinate the taping of all of these shows! Good thing there are four time zones to choose from on the dish ;o) Finally, on Thursday night there is Grey's Anatomy, CSI and Six Degrees (although this has recently disappeared). Stanley Tucci!

Over the years there have been many favorite shows but I think this season takes the cake for most shows watched :o) Television seems to go in spurts. Some years it feels like there is nothing on to watch, while others are just bogged down with awesome new shows. The worst moment for a television addict is when they cancel a show :o( This can leave a dedicated watcher very sad and lost. The fall of the X-Files is a perfect example. To think of Mulder and Scully is just too much to bare :o( My hopes is that Bones will fill this void as there is real chemistry between her and Booth. Could their attraction really rival that of Mulder and Scully?

I'll step off of my soapbox now and retire to bed...

Stanley Tucci!


Black Cat Ryan said...

I agree with you on Horatio! We usually have a good laugh each time he puts his hands on his hips or takes off his sunglasses.

Faith Ann said...

Yeah, we make fun of Horatio (especially the sunglass thing) too. My husband can imitate his speech pattern exactly... it's sad LOL.

My mom is addicted to Prison Break and I've never seen it! I want to rent the first season and get caught up... maybe over the holidays if we have time.