Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Six Down...44 More To Go!

I just completed I Love Stitching by Hob Nobb Designs this morning :o)

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I haven't officially attached the buttons yet and I won't until it's ready to frame. I'm always afraid they will break so for the meantime, they will remain nice and safe.

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I can't tell you how much I love these designs and the buttons that are created for them. This is the third piece that I have stitched and this one will be for me, finally :o) The colors in it are quite bold and if you don't already have Confetti by Weeks Dye Works in your collection, I suggest you add it. What a fun fiber to stitch with! It's the one used for the border around the stork scissors and the floss in the basket.

So, that makes six projects completed in the month of January! Will I be able to meet that amount in February? I doubt it but I'll have fun trying ;o)

Today, being Tuesday, I will be working on Oak Island. I'm not going to post an updated picture on that today because most of what I stitched last week was with the glow in the dark thread and it doesn't really show up in a picture. I "did" start a new project yesterday however and I'm really excited about it! On Saturday, I had to go in to work to make up the hours that I missed on Friday, and while I was searching on the internet, I found this gorgeous sampler. See what happens when I'm left alone and bored? ;o) This is called Marquoir and it's a freebie from Passion Broderie -

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The pattern calls for three colors of floss but I'm going to use four. I'm still a little hesitant about how it's going to look so any feedback would be greatly appreciated :o)

The sampler is in nine parts and I have decided, along with the girls, that each part will be counted as one project completed for The 50 Project Challenge :o) What is interesting about this sampler is that the designer has included background information, or a story, about each part. You may be wondering why the heart is stitched in a metallic gold. The designer states "The heart in this section is for first love. If you are married or living with your first love, you should stitch this heart in gold metallic thread." This piece will not only tell a story but it will be very personal as well :o)

Just a few minutes ago I received my fabric for Morning Dragon by Dragon Dreams so he will be added in to the rotation now. I decided on Pumpkin Patch (I know, believe me it was purely a coincidence!) by Sugar Maple Fabrics and it's going to be perfect!


Faith Ann said...

What a cute finish!! Will you put it in your craft room when it's framed?

I love Marquoir. It's going to be gorgeous!

Jenn said...

What a cute piece!

Barb said...

The finished piece is so cute and your WIP is going to be beautiful. You are really moving along on the 50 challenge. You'll be through before you know it!

Leah said...

Wow, your needle is on fire! Very nice finishes!! I think you've selected lovely colours for your marquoir.

Jamie said...

Amazing. Your stitching is so neat and perfect. I need more practice before I start The Night. This is a cute design. You seem in better spirits - yay! Have a great rest of the week!

Mary Ann said...

The I Love Stitching piece is wonderful--I love the colors! And the Marquoir piece is going to be beautiful!! I checked out the website, and I wish I could read French(is it French?) :-)

Anonymous said...

The sampler's going to be gorgeous! OOOooohhhh, the temptation!!

And your post about farts ... oh, my, woman, you've got me laughing so hard!! Love it love it love it! I swear, Tom blasts me out of bed with his! *lol* OMG, can't believe I typed that here!