Friday, January 12, 2007

D Day

Yup. That's right. Today is "the" day. Disability Day. Dooms Day. The last chance to save my LTD benefits. Whatever you want to call it.

As I write this, my appeal letter is on its way to Toronto. DH and I met with the lawyer on Wednesday afternoon to go over things one last time. After a month and a half of gathering information, requesting information, doctor's appointments and meetings, it has finally come to an end. And I say that with a BIG sigh of relief! DH and I were extremely impressed with what the lawyer put together and it was much more than we ever expected. Would you believe that the appeal letter was ELEVEN pages long and he said that that was the short version! :o)

It's so nice to know that there was someone out there that wanted to and did listen to me. He was the only lawyer, out of the three or four that I called, that was even willing to talk to me and offer to help with my situation. I know he is not making big money off of us, although we might think that his rate per hour is astronomical. In the end though, I know and feel good about my decision to turn to a lawyer for help. It has been worth every penny. To be honest, there was no one else out there that would help. The insurance company ignored my doctor's recommendations, my employer didn't want any part of my fight, Human Rights is a joke and the Labor Board referred me back to Human Rights. See what I mean?

I've been part of a circus ever since I started back to work at the end of September. Yes, this has been a l-o-n-g road. By now you would think that I have everything down pat but all along the way, there were many curve balls thrown my way and A LOT of doors slammed in my face. My health has suffered greatly and the only thing that kept me going this long was my determination and anger. Am I sorry for taking this further? No. Would I do it again? You're darn right I would! I have never fought for anything in my life, always giving in to whatever hand was dealt to me, but not this time. Even if LTD denies my appeal, at least I tried and I know that I have tried my best. I feel good about it :o)

Now we wait...they have 30 days to make their decision. My Hell is almost over, at least I hope so ;o)

Today can also be classified as Denial Day. Desperate Day. Or Danger Day

Yup. That's right. There is a massive threat ready and waiting for me. It's out there now, appearing everywhere I go! The only reason for its being is to distract me from my new "lifestyle change". It's a clear and present danger!

Did you know that the Cadbury Easter Cream Eggs are now out for Easter????

I am in SO much trouble! I have to confess that they are a true weakness of mine. Do you realize that I will have three months to try and deny myself all that delicious chocolate wrapped around that creamy, sweet filling... Drool! Okay, I have to confess...I was desperate and had one today :oS Am I sorry for this? No. Would I do it again? Probably! ;o)


Mary Ann said...

Cathey, I do hope your appeal is approved!! And, will there be another Cadbury Creme Egg consumed before they disappear from the shelves?? :-)

Faith Ann said...

Good luck with everything... it's certainly been a stressful number of months for you guys {{{{hugs}}}}.

Ughhh... I do not like those cream eggs... they're too sweet for me (shocking, I know)!!

Heather said...

Good luck to you Cathey on your appeal.

Cadbury cream eggs are never off the shelf these days over here and by the 3rd January we've normally had one advert on the TV for them.

Karen said...

Good luck with youe appeal Cathey
Cream Eggs yum I have had 3 in the last 3 weeks LOL we have had them in the shop since before Christmas so I am allowing myself 1 yep ONE a week

Jamie said...

Cathey! Good luck with the appeal and everything. Fortunately Easter Candy is not so much my favorite thing!!! How's stitching?