Friday, January 19, 2007


Weird Winter Weather. That's what it is. That's what it's been. Every year it seems to get worse and worse. Do we blame it on global warming or are the seasons actually changing? If I were a bear, I'd be having a stern talk with Mother Nature! LOL!

Today, as I type this, we are getting hit with a HUGE snowstorm! There are warnings for up to 30 centimeters. Yikes! Combine that with the rain they are calling for, it basically equals a HUGE mess :o( I don't mind driving in the snow. Actually, I love it! I've got a nice pair of winter tires on my car and believe me, they were definitely a great investment. Snow covered roads are fine as long as you respect the fact that your stopping ability is greatly reduced. That being said, there are some idiots out there that drive the same speed no matter what the road conditions are and it never fails that after each storm we have, there are many accidents and fender benders.

We really shouldn't complain. I remember when we used to get snow from the end of October all the way to April. Now that was a l-o-n-g winter! In more recent years, there have been a few small snowfalls in December with the bigger stuff hitting us in January. That being said, we have been VERY lucky to get all the way to January 19 without much snow :o)

As far as temperatures go, they have changed as well and are just as unpredictable. In my opinion, this has been one of the warmest winters we've had. Remember, DH and I were sitting in front of a campfire on Christmas night :o) We just received our most recent Hydro bill and it was less than what it was last year. Last week we did have quite a cold snap that was around -22 degrees, not including the wind chill factor. Poor Brie froze up a few times while going outside to do her duties. Yes, she literally froze! When this happens, DH or I have to run out and rescue her.

As I watch the big fluffy snowflakes falling, I think about how pretty it's going to look when I get home. There is nothing more beautiful than a landscape blanketed with freshly fallen white snow :o) Now I shake myself back to reality and wonder just how much of the darn white stuff I need to clean off of my car...


Karen said...

I hope the snow doesnt cause you any problems Cathey. Unfortunatly the idiots will always be around on the roads they think they are good drivers!!!!

Mary Ann said...

I hope you made it home safely and are enjoying the snow at home. I am still hoping to have a snow day(not ice day) this winter here!!

Shannon L. said...

Stay warm. Dont' worry - the sun will come out soon and melt all that snow away so you won't have to brush it off your car LOL ;) Or so I'm told by that shovel-fearing SO of mine !