Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Back To Square One

Sigh! It would figure :o(

This morning I had my ENG test at the hospital to try and figure out why I have been having said vertigo attacks. Although I was unable to take my medications for the past 24 hours and the fact that I had psyched myself out to the point of nausea, the tests were actually not that bad! DH waited while I was being tested :o) Even though I was told it could take up to 3 hours, we were only there a little over an hour. Believe it or not, that was the good news.

During the tests, I could hear her saying "This is good, this is good." NOT what I wanted to hear. After all the tests were completed, she told me that everything looked "normal" and nothing really stood out but that she would be going over the tests again in fine detail. Again, NOT what I wanted to hear :o( A HUGE part of me went in there today hoping that something would show up that would explain these awful bouts of vertigo because believe me, there is nothing "normal" about them. I have a list of at least a dozen symptoms that comes with each of these attacks so it can't all be in my head. I hope my fear that it's something worse is not correct.

So, what does this mean? Well, I'm basically back to square one. It means that I have to wait another week to go back to the specialist for the results that I already know the answers to. It also means that I then have to wait another couple of weeks to see my family doctor to see what specialist I'm going off to see next.

More waiting. More frustration.

It may be the lack of sleep that I had last night but coupled with the results of today, depression has set in :o( I am not happy. It's no fun being a human guinea pig.

That being said, I think it's fair to say that this situation requires a good session of "stitching therapy" so I'm off to veg in front of the television and try to finish up my current project :o)


Jamie said...

OH my! Getting tests done are no fun. I hope you find out sooner rather than later what's causing everything. Waiting is sometimes the hardest part... :) Take a break - what about a bubble bath and a book? Always helps me... Jamie

Jenn said...

I'm sorry things haven't been going good for you lately. {{{Hugs}}} I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers that things get better for you soon.

Karen said...

Sorry that the tests didnt show anything up right away , I hope you sstart to feel better soon

Faith Ann said...

{{{hugs}}} Sorry you didn't get any answers today. That's got to be pretty discouraging.

You need an evening with the girls... are you coming to stitching night?

Shannon L. said...

Well I'm glad nothing horrid showed up :) But I am sorry that you're no closer to finding out what's going on. I can sympathize, but that does nothing. So... *sending big big big virtual hugs*

Enjoy a night out with the girls. Or if Flat Shannon is hanging around, hang out with her. I hear she's fun LOL

Mary Ann said...

I am sorry the tests ended up not showing what the problem is. Sending (((BIG HUGS))) your way!!!

Katie said...

(((Hugs)))I can only imagine how frustrating that must be :(

Lots of stitching therapy is in order!!