Sunday, October 29, 2006

It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

Do you remember that cartoon? It had been SO long since DH and I had seen it that we were pleasantly surprised when it was on television Friday night :o) Over the years, the Halloween programs seem to have been forgotten. When I was a kid, it was a big thrill when they would show the scary movie Halloween! Now you're lucky if a children's cartoon comes on. I've always been a big horror movie fan. I have no idea why. They used to scare me so much that I would run and jump into my bed, always afraid there was someone under the bed waiting to grab my leg. Around Halloween, I get the urge to watch these movies again but now I just laugh at the really bad acting and lame plot lines ;o)

I finally managed to squeeze in three four-hour days of work and to be honest I'm tired. It's taken a month to get to that point and I wonder how patient LTD is going to be come the middle of November :o( It should be interesting when I have my meeting this coming week. At least they can't say that I'm not trying. Of course I do enjoy the emails that are sent flying back and forth between Katie, Faith Ann, Shannon and I. That sure makes the hours fly by faster ;o)

I had a bit of a happy dance last night when I completed all the stitching on Flowers :o) WOOHOO! The only thing left is the backstitching and the attachment of all the beads and buttons, which thankfully aren't that many. She would have been finished earlier except for the fact that I miscounted and had to start the top heart all over again :o( Needless to say, that froggy is no longer alive, lol!

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To add to my happy dance, I also received a much anticipated package from a very special friend of mine down in Louisiana :o) I tell you, stash like this sure puts a smile on a girl's face, especially one that has been on a stash starve since October 1! Shirley sent me two pieces of 20" x 27" 28 count linen (DMC 3865), one piece of 20" x 27" 25 count evenweave (DMC 739), along with these gorgeous hand crafted earthenware buttons from Happy Hollow Designs.

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She also included a June birthday needleroll kit by The Victoria Sampler, five packages of Dill Buttons along with a handful of loose ones and four cards of charms by Jazz Ups. Two of the Jazz Up charms were breast cancer ones and I will have to find a very special project to put them on :o) Thank you SO much again Shirley! You are an angel ;o)

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Did everyone remember to set back the clocks by one hour????


Faith Ann said...

I missed the Charlie Brown special...darn!!

Flowers looks great... I am guessing that there is a lot of backstitching though.

What an awesome package!!!

Shannon L. said...

CB was on ? Dangit. Maybe it'll repeat this week ?

Flowers looks fabulous :) Now to the fun part - bs'ing lol Must feel great getting this far though, right ?

love the package. That is definitely enough to brighten someone's day !

Barb said...

I didn't see the Charlie Brown special either. I forgot about it. The pieces all look great, and nice package there.