Thursday, October 19, 2006

My Confessional

I think it's about time that I confess to some dirty little secrets :o) This shouldn't come as a complete surprise. I mean, everyone's got them. Some we share openly with friends or family. Some we bury deep down inside, just too embarrassed to risk letting the 'cat out of the bag'. As humans, we dread having others criticize or think badly of us. The last thing we want to do is feel alienated or 'different'. What we fail to realize is that some of our own secrets aren't so unique after all and that the person sitting right next to us might be hiding the exact same thing.

I have to admit to having the most foul smelling little dog. It's hard to believe but at ten pounds Brie can clear a room with her stench!

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I know what you're's probably her breath (which could stop a train) or her flatulence (which unbelievably is not that bad) but it's her body odor. She literally does sweat! How she does it, DH and I are still trying to figure that out. I didn't think that dogs could sweat but she does. Once her little body oven gets going, her pits actually get wet. Duncan is 55 pounds and has been sprayed by a skunk twice and he still smells better than Brie! You all know Pigpen from The Peanuts right? He walks around with that cloud of dust following him? Well, replace Pigpen with Brie and that cloud of dust with a mass of offensive odor and then you have the mental picture :o) This is the scene every morning when she emerges from her cocoon like bed. I saw a deodorant stick for dogs once but when I went back to get it, it was gone :o( We might seriously have to look into that more.

I have to confess that I watch America's Next Top Model. Wow! That was a big one to admit ;o) I've been watching it since season two. DH and I both dislike all the reality shows and they are pretty much banned from our house but for some reason I am drawn to this one. I've never aspired to be a model. I've done a few fashion shows in my life and even won second princess at the Miss Fredericton Pageant Show back in 1991 but that was partly to get over my fear of public speaking. Why would someone want to have their self esteem picked apart by photographers, designers and the media when they can pretty much do that to themselves. Why would you want to get into a profession where being in your twenties is considered old? Maybe it's because of these questions that I keep watching.

I want to make it known that I now have another WIP.

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Isn't he cute? :o) This is called Snowmen by Val's Stuff and he was in the October 2006 issue of the Just Cross Stitch magazine. The only thing I have left to do are a few small areas around him but I need to order in the fiber (Belvedere Gardens by Silk 'n Colors) and we all know that I'm 'supposed' to be on a stash starve ;o) Why did I start another piece? You know how hard it is to travel with a big cross stitch project. Since I already had the material, I thought he was an easy pattern to kit up and take on any travels. Of course I have done mine two over two instead of the one over one. I refuse to go blind at age 35! LOL! I'm going to do his mate, Be Merry, as well.

I have to confess that I cheated, a 'little', on my stash starve pact. Yesterday I picked up two charts by The Cricket Collection called We The People and Gingerbears.

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They were only 0.50 each though! How could I pass that over???? I was weak, I know :o(

Last, but not least, I want to make it known that I eat pie backwards. This may sound weird, I know. I eat anything that comes in a triangular wedge, backwards. There is one exception Why? I have NO idea! Pie, cheesecake, quiche...all backwards.

There you have it! I've gotten a few things off my chest today :o) Whew! Letting it all go... You know, I'm on a lot of pain medication today so maybe this wasn't really the best time to write up this post :oS LOL! Oh well. Here's to Tylenol 3 with Codeine!!!!


Barb said...

Your Snowman piece is cute. What breed is your dog? My brother has a bird dog (I forgot one kind of a spaniel he is) and it's just his breed has that awful odor. But they love the dog and will keep him. He is a very nice dog.

Faith Ann said...

Cute snowman!! I understand the need to start a smaller project too (considering I just succumbed to the temptation also).

I eat pie and quiche *slightly* backwards too. I eat the crust on the outer edge first and then move to the front and eat from front to back.

Shannon L. said...

Ok, you're just a freakish human. LOL I knew there was a reason I liked you ! :)

Katie said...

Well it could be worse Cathey you could be admitting to wearing 'zebra' jeans or lime green clothing;)

I can't wait to get home and check out the pics ;)