Thursday, October 12, 2006

A Bit Of Sunshine On A Rainy Day

You know it's going to be a perfect stitching day when you look out first thing and it's dark and dreary with rain. Even though days like this damper my mood, I still like them because you can bury yourself underneath a heavy quilt in your most comfortable of clothes, snacking away on freshly made chocolate chips cookies (by DH that is!) along with a nice warm cup of hot chocolate. Pure bliss :o)

I was lucky that it stopped raining long enough so I could dash out to the mailbox. There awaited my first bit of sunshine for the day! As I peeked into the big brown envelope, I was delighted to see the chart Antarctic Penguins by Brittercup Designs along with all the Weeks and Crescent Color threads to stitch them with :o) A sweet friend of mine from one of my message boards did a trade with me a few weeks back so technically this was not stash that was purchased so I've still held my ground this month ;o) I am going to have to find some of that gorgeous blue fabric though but that can wait until my stash starve is lifted. Thank you Renee!

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I spent the afternoon working on Flowers and she has now graduated to a new size of Q-Snaps! As slow as I'm stitching, she is coming along.

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I finally decided to watch Brokeback Mountain. I had bought this movie back in September but never got around to watching it. It was...different. I knew what to expect but it was the acting that really turned me off. Maybe I need to watch it again and then give my review. During the movie my second ray of sunshine appeared when my Gram called :o) She's 85 years old and lives about two hours away. She's the best and I always love hearing from her. I just wish she lived closer so I could see her more often and do more things for her. She sounded great though and that put a smile on my face :o)


Shannon L. said...

Flowers is looking great. I love the colours in it - very cheery. The stash addition is rather cute too ;)

I'm glad you had a few bright spots on an otherwise rainy day :) And I'll be interested to hear ifyou watch Brokeback again. I have yet to see it for the first time, but intend to at some point.

Faith Ann said...

I love those Brittercup patterns!! Enjoy your new stash!