Monday, October 02, 2006

Let's Play 'What's Your Torture?'

Is it the Monday, back to work, after the weekend? Heights? Spiders? For me, it's the....DENTIST! Ever since I was a little girl, I have always hated going to the dentist. From what I'm told, it stems from an incident where the needle almost broke off in my mouth :o( Doesn't sound appealing does it? During my younger years and into High School, whenever I had a cavity, I would always get it done without the freezing. Yes, sounds awful doesn't it? Apparently it didn't bother me because I'd rather that then that cold metal needle being jabbed into my gums.

When my parents changed to a female dentist I decided to try her myself only to find out that all my fillings needed to be redone! What I had avoided for years was my downfall. Without the freezing each time a cavity was done, the dentist was not able to drill down far enough and therefore the tooth was not properly repaired. I thought it was the end of the world having to face my nemesis again! Here I was, twenty something, with my mother holding my hand for support :o) I bet there are five year olds that are better at the dentist that I am, lol! I got through it though.

Over the past couple of years, stress has not been my friend and I have developed a habit of grinding my teeth when I sleep. I had broken one tooth before I discovered this and finally got a bite plate to wear at night. The only thing is, it makes me drool! And I mean DROOL! LOL! About three weeks ago, I wasn't being loyal in wearing it and broke another molar :o( The thought of having to go to the dentist again just gripped my stomach. Since I needed a cleaning as well, I was able to get both done at the same time. This is a good thing right? Yes and no.

The girls at the office know me so well now but I know they are still surprised each time I keep my appointment. I had a game plan this time though. I thought after my four hour at work I'd be too tired to really put up a fight ;o) Panic quickly came to the surface when I realized the dentist was there beside me and not to clean my teeth! They did the repair of the tooth first and again it was that dreaded needle piercing the back of my mouth. I truly think they enjoy poking it about while the patient squirms in the chair. Thankfully no pink elephants showed their faces :o)

Then it was on to the cleaning with another girl. You would think that being half frozen would be to my benefit wouldn't you? NOT! She was literally the cleaning Nazi if there ever was one! By the end of it, she was vacuuming red out of my mouth. They say you should have your cleaning done every six months but I'm lucky to set foot in their door once a year! I don't think there is anything worse than having someone poke a metal instrument around in your mouth, scraping and picking, and then top it off with that hacksaw dental floss. It just sends shivers down my spine.... At least I'm done for another year :o)


Shannon L. said...

*whimper weep whine* .... *wail* I have to go to the dentist tomorrow. And I know it's going to be painful ! *wail some more*. Oh you poor poor woman ! To start off the week like that...

Katie said...

{{hugs}} and hoping some 100 calorie chocolate bars show up to comfort you! You're braver than I, I cancelled my appointment (of course I doubt they want me hacking on them) ;)