Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Does This Count As Stash?

On my way home from work today, I stopped in at Fabricville and picked up supplies for two cubes. To date I have no idea what cross stitch pattern will go with them but I thought if I had this stuff handy, it might inspire me :o) I've been on my stash starve for eleven days now and I'm hoping this doesn't count as actual stash. I'm sure if I ask Shannon, she'll come up with some loophole that will save me. LOL!

I bought some lovely blue Christmas fabric with silver snowflakes on it. They had rolls of Christmas ribbon for 50% off so I was able to find some that match rather well. Maybe Dragon Dreams' Peace On Earth dragon from the 2002 Just Cross Stitch Ornament Issue or A Cool Gift by Mosey 'N Me would look great with it. I guess we'll just wait and see!

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Since Boo was 'originally' planned for a cube, I thought I should at least try and make one for Halloween. I spotted an adorable rabbit dressed up as a ghost (by Sandi Gore Evans) in my stash so that might be a good one to do. It looks like the ghost fabric glows in the dark but the lady at the fabric store said no. I'm going to be trying it in the dark tonight to see :o)

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After all this talk about food with Katie, Faith Ann and Shannon AND scarfing down two bags of pink M&Ms, I decided it might be fun to list five of my favorite restaurants. I've picked five from my hometown and five that we've eaten at while on our travels. Maybe this will inspire you to try something new tonight :o)

Top Five Restaurants In My Hometown
  • Brewbakers - hands down THE best and most delicious! Unbelievably difficult not to spend a lot of money here.
  • Seasons Chinese Restaurant - if you want mouth watering Mandarin or Szechwan cuisine this is the place! Not a romantic atmosphere but the food is to die for!
  • The Blue Door - we've been here twice and have not been disappointed. The service is another matter though.
  • Snooty Fox - all I can say is deep fried pepperoni!!!!
  • Cora's Breakfast & Lunch - yes, this is a chain restaurant but they truly serve up one hell of a breakfast!

Top Five Restaurants On Our Travels
  • Damon's (North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina) - if you love ribs, this is THE place! The only other that has come close was Tony Romas :o)
  • Galyns (Bar Harbor, Maine) - we've NEVER been disappointed here. The food is delicious and the service superb!
  • Cafe Drydock & Inn (Southwest Harbor, Maine) - the only thing I can remember is the chicken, boursin cheese and portobello mushroom sandwich :o)
  • Azure Cafe (Freeport, Maine) - calamari azzimata...I never thought I was a calamari girl but I could eat these like potatoe chips!
  • Chocolate Grille (Old Town or Searsport, Maine) - our first introduction to deep fried dill pickle chips...


Faith Ann said...

I definitely do not consider finishing supplies as stash! My sewing fabric wouldn't even fill half a shoe box.

Oh my... you've listed my favorite... Seasons! A friend and I have a weekly lunch there (although it seems to be every other week lately!). Also love Brewbakers and the Snooty Fox... but I'd have to add Dimitri's and El Burrito Loco to the list.

I've only tried Cora's and the Blue Door a couple of times.

Shannon L. said...

No no, finishing supplies are definitely an exemption to the no stash rule. In fact they help reduce stash because now you'll be able to *finish* some of your finished stitching, thereby making room for new finishes.... so in actual fact in order to keep the balance of the universe entact you may need to acquire new stash as a result of the purchase of the finishing supplies.


*LOVE* the finishing fabrics !! And the snowman/pumpkin too - very cute !

Katie said...

I've never tried Seasons, I guess I'm going to have to go there now ;) Oh I'd have to add El burrito Loco too and the Back Nine(mmmm...sweet potato fries).

Mmm...chinese, now you have me wanting to go home so I can go to the Cunard

Barb said...

No I don't consider them to be stash either. The only thing I really count as stash are new patterns as far as the 50 challenge goes. After all we also have to be able to buy material and thread to meet the 50 challenge!