Sunday, October 15, 2006

It's Official!

The email arrived Thursday night and my deposit for retreat went out on Friday! That means it's an all go from this stitcher :o) I can't wait! To top that off, yesterday I completed my ornament for the Christmas ornament exchange while driving in the car. Normally as a rule I don't stitch in the car but I found it quite easy, especially where the roads were smoother and the holes in the plastic canvas bigger ;o) I had picked up this little kit at Wal-Mart in Calais, Maine and the more I stitched, the more I feel in love with her. She is in the process of getting the green felt glued to the back of her as I type...

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Thankfully it's Sunday and I can finally breathe a sigh of relief! Friday was a busy one at work with a meeting scheduled with my employer in the morning and one with LTD in the afternoon. The appearance of 'Bitchy Cathey' finally paid off and I managed to stand my grounds. I also discovered that it's always to your benefit to have a witness present when dealing with LTD. That's just my opinion but a highly recommended one.

Yesterday morning we headed out on our journey to the Miramichi, via Moncton. Not my choice but we had some things to return at Michael's and for a $53 refund, it was worth it. It just made the drive another hour and a half on top of the two hours to Moncton but any amount of driving seems to be rough on my body.

To be honest, I don't think I've ever been to Miramichi proper, at least at an age that I can remember. We had a few doubts with our directions but we finally arrived at my SIL's place shortly after 2pm. DH and I had seen pictures of the new (to them) house and it's just as adorable in person! As always, we were met at the door by a heard of Brie's cousins. It's crazy to think that the dog accumulation is increasing quicker than the niece/nephew population. Right now it's 8-2! LOL!

My SIL and her SO put on a great belated Thanksgiving feast! It was truly delicious! It was even topped off with fresh cranberries and my long awaited pumpkin cheesecake :o) YUM! DH and I enjoyed watching our newest nephew and it's amazing to hear him laughing now. Brie still isn't sure what to think of her latest competition for attention but she got a few small licks in so that must mean that's he's okay in her books ;o)

It was a long day but we had a good drive home. Today will mostly be a relaxing one for me. During the trip yesterday I started another ornament and believe it or not, I already had the material! On Friday I almost ruined my stash starve marathon by calling in to the NS to see if they had any bat buttons for Boo. Luckily they didn't and by the time they are ordered and come in, my stash starve will have lifted. It's amazing how many loopholes there are ;o)


Faith Ann said...

I tried stitching on our last trip and I couldn't do it... after about 5 minutes I felt ill.

Glad to hear that the bats weren't in stock LOL.

Shannon L. said...

That ornament is adorable :) Sounds like a good (and tiring ;) ) weekend. Pumpkin cheesecake - can you imagine, I've never had it !

Barb said...

Oh what a cute snowman ornament. Have fun on your retreat.