Friday, October 20, 2006

Should I Stay Or Should I Go

What is it with animals on the side of the highway? Just when you think they've made it to the safety of the side of the road, they turn right around and dart back across. Are they suicidal or do they just make bad judgment calls? I often wonder what's on their minds when they do this. Are they thinking anything in particular or are they just kissing their ass and praying that they get to the other side of the road in one piece? There have been many nights when DH and I will be driving home and we'll see little mice or moles running for their very lives. They are literally running for all they are worth. I wonder if they stop and heave a big sigh of relief when they reach safety or do they go home to their families and tell stories of their grand adventures...

Having a property that is designed for horses, we have very few trees around our house and therefore, minimal wildlife. That is one thing I have really missed. Every year we get the swallows, robins and a few other little birds. We also have George, the groundhog, but he has been MIA for a while now. At least there have been signs that he is still alive :o) Because of this lack of wildlife, I was pleasantly surprised to see a new visitor yesterday when I passed the back patio doors...a grey squirrel! Was he ever cute too! In the six years we have been here, we have never had one at the house. He has now been officially named Squeak :o)

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Squeak was having a great time eating all the seeds coming off the big maple tree next door. I took these pictures right through the patio door and they came out rather well. I wanted to try tossing out a few peanuts but they belong to DH so I knew better ;o) Squeak arrived back today so it will be nice to see him stay for awhile if he can :o)

It was a great mail day today when I found a little package from England waiting for me in the mailbox! A wonderful lady from over there sent me a breast cancer ribbon pin and charm for my collection :o) This inspired me to stitch up this little sachet bag with my own design called Love, Faith & Hope. I used Carrie's Creation threads and they are wonderful to use.

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I have attacked Flowers this past week with a vengeance and she is coming along really well! I am very pleased with the progress I have made. I hope to make more of a dent in her this coming weekend.

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Shannon L. said...

I love the sachet - the colours in the thread are really pretty :) And Flowers is coming along really well ! You'll be done in no time.