Friday, September 29, 2006

Can A Man (Er, Woman) Really Be An Island?

What a day! It was officially my second day back at work after being on LTD for two years. Yes, two years of sitting on the sofa, watching movies and stitching! What could be sweeter ;o) It's nice being around humans again but to be brutally honest, I can do without the socialization. Now it's back to the real world, just like every other sap out there and it stinks. I like my pretend world much better, LOL!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live on an island? Would you want to live on one year round or just in the summer? What items would you most like to have with you? A number of years ago, I traveled up to 1000 Islands where my relatives have a cottage. As the name would suggest, there are thousands of island that dot the water. Some are a fair size and then there are ones that are so tiny.... Well, you can see what I mean :o)

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Believe it or not, but that whole house is basically it's own island! How would you like to walk out your front door one morning while you were still half asleep? LOL!

I've always said I would have no problem living on an island and I believe I would be happy with the peace and tranquility that solitude would provide. On my island I would want the following -
  • my husband (you know I have to put this one first ;o) )
  • my animals
  • a humble but cute/quaint house
  • a fireplace
  • solar electricity
  • lots, and I mean LOTS, of cross stitching supplies
  • a camera
  • a computer with internet access
  • a good supply of chocolate, dark of course
  • and last, but not least, a Coke slushy machine!
As our society progresses, it's all about possessions. What you have and how much you have of it. It's sad really but we all get sucked in. DH and I go through the house almost every year and end up with a pile of stuff that we don't like or need anymore. Why do we buy it in the first place? Why can't we say no to buying that cute little something that we don't know what to do with but it's just too good to pass up?

The girls have been talking about cutting back on their stash buying and I think that really makes sense. I know for me, I have my own personal store at home and enough projects to last my next ten lives! I want to jump on that bandwagon as well so here is what I propose.... I will not buy any stash from October 1 until retreat weekend which starts on November 3. This is my promise and you have it in writing girls :o)


Faith Ann said...

What a cool picture! I think I'd prefer just a little more dry land around my cottage though :)

Just to let you know, I did read that sentence about "no stash from Oct 1 until retreat".

Shannon said...

Love the picture.... but I'd end up in the drink for sure LOL