Saturday, August 07, 2010

A Twilight Groupie

I never thought I would succumb to the whole 'Twilight Frenzy' but thanks to my good friend K (maybe not so much anymore!); I am utterly and literally in love with these movies! Yes, I have become a Twilight Groupie :o)


I'm an avid movie lover to begin with and while I do like some Fantasy subjects, I was never really into the whole vampire thing. Okay, I did watch The Lost Boys when I was younger and still love the movie today but that would have been the exception...until now.

I continually avoided the whole Twilight hype until K said she would lend me her two Twilight movies. I still believed that I was immune. She said once I saw them I would never be the same. "Yah, right!" I thought. Well K, I have to hang my head in defeat because you were correct ;o)

I will go on record here and say that the first two movies were awesome and I have watched both of them twice! I love the chemistry between the characters of Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson. It completely draws you in. I've been on the edge of my seat waiting for Bella to convert and it's been driving me nuts! I'm not sure if the third movie is still showing at the theatre in the 'little city' so if not, that means I'll have to wait until it comes out on DVD :o(

I've overheard the whole Team Jacob/Edward thing and never understood what it was all about but now I do :o) To be honest, I do like Jacob but I think I'm going to be a Team Edward member. Yes, I know they are vampires and they feed off of animals BUT humans also consume animals so there's not much of a difference in my eyes. I don't like the vampires that are killing the humans. I've really come to love the Cullen family.

This has created a whole new monster because now I want to read all four books! There's only four right? I haven't really heard how close the movies are to their corresponding books but my interest is peaked. Plus I want to know the whole story. Now! I'm not one who likes to wait. I've seen the movie trailers for Eclipse and Breaking Dawn and I want more. Now!

My name is Cathey and I'm a Twilight addict.


Es said...

And here, I thought I was the only one that was crazy about them!

I will give you a warning though, if you love the movies, you'll probably love the books more.

Like you I avoided the saga (even though I had Twilight on my shelf for a year before the movies came out) because of the hype, but I too am addicted, and I haven't seen Eclipse yet (my wallet is too tight at the moment, which is totally annoying.)

There are four books, and Stephenie Meyer has just released a short novella that ties in with one of the characters in Eclipse. You can get the books quite cheaply on eBay. I hope if you decide to read them that you enjoy them as I did and still do (I can't even count on one hand the amount of times I've read them since January when I got the lot!) Yes, Stephenie Meyer's writing skill leaves a lot to be desired, but honestly I didn't notice, and even if I had have done, I doubt I would have cared, because the story and the characters that you fall in love with really make it worth it.

Have fun :) (Oh and I'm Team Edward too. Your choice will make more sense if you read the books)

Lynnie said...

welcome to the insanity! Just to make it more fun for you(ok fun in a mischievous kinda way) the 3rd movie Eclipse was by far the BEST one yet!

My name is Lynda and I'm a Twilight groupie too! haha

Anonymous said...

lol but I know what you mean....I didn't cave in until last weekend to watch these movies, but they are pretty good I must admit....-Tina

Irene said...

Sorry I'm the odd one out. I saw the first movie and it didn't captivate me. Enjoy the books.

Christine said...

I agree that the books are infinitely better than the movies (disclaimer: I haven't seen the most recent movie).

Annie said...

I haven't seen any of these and I really have no interest, but you do make them sound appealing. Maybe I'll have to check this series out.

Rowyn said...

LOL. You are in good company... there are many Twihards out there, me included.

I didn't really understand the whole Team Edward/Team Jacob thing either, even after seeing the first movie (because you don't really see much of Jacob in the first movie).

However, after seeing the movies (ahem... quite a number of times) and reading the books - I am Team Edward too (although Jacob is pretty damn hot! lol).

Patty C. said...

Do not let popcorn hear you !!

Chiloe said...

But what happened to you ? LOL

Leslie said...

My name is Leslie and I also am a Twilight oholic.
I was anti Twilight.. until my girls made me watch it. My oldest hates it and my youngest likes it. I watched the first one and listened as my 19yr old adlibbed the whole thing. I watched the second one, barely able to keep up with it ~ it was totally bazarre ~
Then it happened, I took my youngest to the movies to see the
3rd one .. and I like it.
As of now.. I am half way through the last book Breaking Dawn.
I also like Jacob ~ but confess to being on TEAM EDWARD.
What has happened to us!!! lol

Gen said...

I'll be another odd one here, I loved the books (though it's not high literature, but I read them in english which is not my mother tongue at all BTW and they were easy to read), but I don't like the movies much, except for the wolves (good job on special FX) and Jacob... (yummy ! :P)

That's personal taste, but I don't like the actor they chose for Edward, when reading the books, that's not how I would see him...

And I am the kind that doesn't like when they take books to make movies, I always find that something(s) is(are) missing...

By the way, I always was fond of science fiction and fantasy, and vampires/werewolves/aliens/monsters things, but for this one story and the movies I like better wolves... in the books, I was like Bella, kind of torn between one and the other... :P

Yeah, I know, I can be freakish sometimes... most of the time, in fact... lol

mumzy said...

I did not realize that you were such a fan of horror movies. As you know, I am not. I prefer mysteries. Enjoy though!
{{{Love and Hugs}}}

Ranae said...

I have seen the movies and tried the books. I love twilight

♥ Nia said...

Welcome to the group! :D Lol!!
I'm team Cullen :) I love the Cullen family, specially from the books, you can read much more details about the caracters. Alice is my favorite!
What I love in twilight is that magnetism between Edward and Bella, the first love romance =) I like Jacob but he's just spicing the love triangle ;) In the end, Bella And Edward's love is stronger :)

Rachael said...

Woo hoo!!!! But read the books they are soooo much better, the next film(Breaking Dawn Part 1) is supposed to be out in November over here,Eclipse(Film 3) is brilliant. I was dissapointed with New moon as the book had so much more detail that was missed. I have read all the books four times, I just love the love story, but I have to say that Breaking dawn was the most favourite of all the books after Twilight.
Okay better stop now before I go on too much.

Jennifer said...

I watched the Lost Boys over and over and over again. And I will still watch it when it shows up on tv

Sonda in OR said...

I've seen the first two movies, reluctantly, and I'll admit that I'm drawn to the story...but I'm not addicted. Really. I've never been a vampire fan and I certainly don't see anything attractive about the vampires or the werewolves.

But, I do think I want to read the books. I'm certain that they'll be better than the movies and I want to get more of the story. Don't know if I'll make it through all of them, but we'll see.

Lori-Ann said...

Hahaha... you joined the reanks of the undead?!!!
hahaha. I enjoyed the movies. Have access to the last book. Do I dare read it? I have a whole box of books yet to be read. I like that feeling :o)