Thursday, August 19, 2010

A Thursday Thought

Right now I'm reading Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. DH and I have yet to see the movie but we both wanted to see what the book was like first. I have to say that I am not disappointed so far.

If you're not familiar with it, the book is about Elizabeth herself. Upon leaving her husband, she decides to travel to Italy, India and Indonesia to try and find out who 'she' really is. She spends four months in each country and each country contributes to discovering a different aspect in her life.

While in Italy, she has a very interesting conversation with her friend Giulio. He explains to Elizabeth that every city in the world has a word that defines it and in turn that word identifies most of the people who live there. If you were to read the thoughts of the people in that city, you would notice that the majority of them are having the same thought. Whatever thought dominates is the word for that particular city. If your thought does not match that of the city you are in, it means that you do not belong there.

So that left me wondering...what would be MY word? After much contemplation, I think the word that would best describe me at this point in my life is - LOST. Yes, lost. Now that may sound funny or weird to some of you but let me explain :o)

A huge part of my problem is that I have no idea what my purpose is in life. We have no children, so I'm not a 'mother'. I don't work so I'm not a so-called 'professional'. I'm definitely not your typical wife so I'm not a 'homemaker'. What am I???? You got it...LOST! LOL!

Right now I have nothing that 'defines' who I am. Yes my name is Cathey, I'm married to my DH, we live in Nova Scotia, blah, blah, blah but who am 'I'???? And that is what I don't know. I've been searching for years and it feels like I'm not getting any closer to answering that question. It quite frustrating sometimes. Okay, the majority of the time. I want my word to change but I have no idea how to go about it :o(

Until that time, I will continue to search. My life will remain incomplete and I may be found wondering aimlessly...LOST. If do happen to spot me, please make sure I get back home okay? ;o)

What do you think YOUR word is?


Irene said...

I saw the movie yesterday and it is great ! I'm not sure what my word would be.

Melanie said...

Or maybe you're not lost at all but simply undefined by OTHERS because you're life doesn't fit the usual female stereotypes? I say embrace your 'differences' and let your word be Independent.

Annie said...

I try not to stay so self-aware. I just live my life day-to-day and don't ponder those 'big' questions.

And you aren't 'lost'. Look at all those followers you have. You must be leading them somewhere!

Deborah said...

Cathey, my word would be content. I also don't have children and my husband passed away 6 years ago.(he was young) Some would think that i wouldn't be content because of those things but working through the pain with the help of great friends, you come out with a different perspective. I still have a great life and I am content.

dixiesamplardesigns said...

Oh honey, your word is not's SEARCHING!

Once upon a time my word was SEARCHING, then I FOUND will too...when you least expect it...just have faith!


valerie said...

I am very interested in reading this book *and* seeing the movie. My word right now would be frustrated! lol Just too much going on and change is so slow to happen!

Do you have art/street festivals where you live? I think that would be a fun outlet for your photography and would get your name out there a little more.

Gert said...

Oh you are not LOST, you are someones wife, someones child, someones friend and most of all you are God's child! You have this lovely blog and are very important to lots of us!

My word is 'content', I am married (to a wonderful man!!), have wonderful children and grandchildren. I have MS and fight it daily, but with God's help I am 'content'!

Blessings to you my dear!


PS. Be sure and stop over to my blog and sign up for my 'owl' giveaway!!

Denise said...

Cathey - You say your word is lost. That's funny - because when I think of you I come up with - Courageous, strong, talented, friendly, wife, daughter, determined, caring, and loved. My word - satisfied with a hint of wanting.

Smiles - Denise

Lili said...

I'm a mum, but that doesn't define me. I'm a wife, but that doesn't define me. I'm a cross stitcher, knitter, avid reader, but that doesn't define me. I don't have a purpose in life. I don't know why we all hang around and what this all means.
So I might be LOST too. Don't you think this word applies to many of us, Fav Pumpkin? I mean, the ones who take time to think about the meaning of life?
I can't even tell why people keep having children. Like me. I should've given it more thought before.
Hugs, sweetie,

Leslie said...

Part of what you said just described how I've been feeling lately. I've been a little lost within myself.

I haven't read to book or seen the movie yet.
Have a great weekend.

Kathryn said...

When I think of you I think PHOTOGRAPHER (and animal lover). My husband just spent some time with a friend who is moving from full time work to live as a writer. Creatives always have a hard time defining themselves. If they are working, then there is laundry they could do. If they are cooking, they are thinking about their next creative project. The most important thing is to treat your creative life LIKE a job. Set goals, expand your horizons, decide what you want to accomplish and do it.

Sonda in OR said...

I can hear your frustration with feeling "lost" and it doesn't sound like much fun when you think about it. Perhaps you're asking the wrong question in your search. Maybe "Who am I?" is not the question... Sometimes looking back on where you've been, evaluating where you are now, and planning for where you might like to go can be useful.

I think my word right now would be "unfinished". I feel like life is uncertain and I'm always changing in some way or another. I'm ok with that right now. But maybe someday I won't be.

Teena in Toronto said...

I tried to read the book last year but found it boring. Plus I didn't like her.

Rachel S said...

I think my word would be "questing". Since I'm still struggling to define myself.

♥ Nia said...

Your word is more like 'searcher' than 'lost' ;)
You search who you are, what you love to do, you even search for a good spot to take pictures! You're not lost, you're just searching life :)