Sunday, August 29, 2010

Stephen King Fans

Hey you guuuuuuys! Are you out there? Come on, who's a Stephen King fan?

Did you know that he was born in Maine and that the majority of his books take place in that State? Did you know that in 1999 he was struck by van while walking on the shoulder of the road? Did you know that he has a home in Bangor, Maine with a spider webbed front gate? Do you know that he wrote Stand By Me, The Shawshank Redemption and The Green Mile? Not your typical Stephen King type stories ;o)

To be honest, I do like 'some' of Stephen King's stories but I cannot read his books. I just can't! I've tried numerous times but it has something to do with his writing style. I've seen several of his movies but prefer his 'softer' side :o)

So why am I bringing up the subject of Stephen King? Have you seen his new television show called Haven?


I think they're up to their sixth episode now. Turns out they shot this show in Nova Scotia! They used Halifax, Chester, Mahone Bay, Lunenburg and some other smaller towns; basically my backyard playground :o)

DH and I saw the show last weekend for the first time. Right at the beginning of the show you see some great views of the town of Lunenburg. It was so neat seeing places we knew :o) In the premier episode, they filmed a lot of the show inside one of the Lunenburg antique shops. When my parents were here last year, we were in that very store! In the second episode, there's this huge metal ball rolling down the road and it passes a bench that DH and I sat on this past spring. LOL! DH said it was a good thing we weren't sitting there at the time. Silly boy ;o)

If you do get the chance, watch an episode and catch glimpses of the kind of Haven that I live within. This truly is a gorgeous piece of Earth and I'm SO happy to be living here. Maybe next time a film crew is in the vicinity though I'll try to weasel myself onto a set and get cast as an extra ;o)


♥ Nia said...

The only thing I knew was about Stand by Me (*shame*) but well.. I'm portuguese :) Lol!

Hillery said...

Oh yes, I know Stephen King. I do like to read his books. I can't read them all the time though. I am from Maine and have come across him a couple of times. His son was in high school the time I was and our school would play his school. My MIL also went to colleg with Stephen King. She was in one of his writing classes.
So, you never said what tv station this new show was on. I would love to watch. I would love to see some of Nova Scotia. It just so happens that that same MIL owns a summer home on Big Tancook Island, and I have yet to go visit. I'll get there someday.
Have a great day

Denise said...

Used to love Stephen King. Not so much any more. Not my type of book now. My hubby and son watch Haven. I'll have to check out an episode with them. Thanks for the heads up!

Smiles - Denise

Irene said...

I want to see this show, but miss it every time it's been on. When I do I will be on the look out for the places you mentioned. I don't read his books, but do enjoy some of his movies.

Rachael said...

Me I am a fan, and have most of his books, I prefer his earlier stuff Pet Sematary, Cujo, The Stand and the shining. I have to read the book first though.
Not heard of Haven, maybe it'll be on a cable channel one day!
Thanks for the heads up

Rachel S said...

I love his short stories the best. I picked up Night Shift the other day and was reading it. Fantastic. His stuff since he got hit by the car is not so good, but the short stories are awesome.

Leslie said...

Gonna check it out Pumpkin.
I have never read any of Stephen King's books ~ I am more into Sandra Brown and Nora Roberts, sickly romance kind of stuff. : )

Daffycat said...

I love Stephen King! I've read all his books. I'm not a big fan of movies based on his books but they have done well with only a few of them. I am also a big Morgan Freeman fan so I really enjoyed The Shawshank Redemption.

I haven't even heard of Haven. I must look into this!

Angela P said...

I'm a huge *older* Stephen King fan, you know Carrie, The Shining, Dead Zone, Salem's Lot the really scary good ones :) I love this show too, caught it quite by accident on Showcase here in Canada and I'm really enjoying it too. Now I have to come down East sometime soon, trouble is I'm afraid I won't want to come back to Ontario! LOL.

mumzy said...

Since I am not a Stephen King reader, I am amazed that I did know most of the stuff you wrote. I do find him an interesting writer nonetheless.

{{{Love and Hugs}}}

chris_stitch said...

My husband and I vacationed in Nova Scotia a couple of times and I knew when I saw the show Haven that it was filmed up in Nova Scotia and not Maine( having lived there for many years). Nova Scotia is so beautiful, I wish I could live there.

It is always great to see your beautiful pics.

Paisley said...

Have loved Stephen King's books from the very beginning. My friends and I were passing around Carrie and scaring ourselves senseless with 'Salem's Lot when all the other girls were reading Judy Blume's Forever. I guess we were an odd bunch.

Raven/Missy said...

I read SK books all the time. I love all of his books! I have also been to his house and have pictures of the wrought iron fence with spider webs in it, gorgeous!

Gen said...

I can say that I'm a Stephen King fan, as I read my first SK book at the age of 15! But I always read them in french, so maybe the writing is a bit different when translated... Though I don't like every book he has written, I still have read a lot of them.

I don't know this show, but now I have one more reason to have a look on it! ;))

Julie said...

I'll look out for it on the cable channels here in the UK

Not a Stephen King fan myself