Monday, June 14, 2010

Monday's Photographic Memories

Sorry to do this but I'm going to bore you with flower pictures once more ;o) I was out all last week with the camera and loving every minute of it!

Pansies are by far one of the flowers I admire the most. They come in so many different varieties and to me; they look so innocent and pure.


Roses are high on my list as well but I prefer the so called 'wild' ones. My grandmother had these in the yard of her summer home and whenever I smell them, it takes me right back in time :o)

Rugosa Rose

Virginia Rose

I was in to see my neighbour last week and got the tour of their garden. They've been working really hard on it. When I spotted this flower, I almost shrieked with joy -

Pink Calla Lily

Stunning, isn't it? I will be giving this picture to them as a thank you gift for all that they do for DH and me. They have become like surrogate parents and spoil us as if we were their own :o)

Just a reminder, if you are interested in purchasing one (or two) of my photographs, I do have a link to a private album that holds my current collection. All you have to do is email me and I will send you an invitation to view it.

I have decided that if you see any of the pictures on my Blog that are not in my collection but you would like to purchase, I will do that as well. The only thing is, these will have to be special order and will take time as I get all of my prints from Shutterfly. They have a high quality product and upstanding service. I will be making an order soon, so just keep that in mind if you see something you like :o)


Tina said...

Any donkey pictures by chance? :)

Kathryn said...

Very lovely. Now if there were just some sheep...

I just read a photo post from a professional that mentioned a flower cheat. Take a spray mister and mist the flower before you take the picture. Flowers just after a rain look magical, but if you can't control the right amount of rain, create it yourself.

Bluejeans Needlework said...

Boring? No way. Those picture's can be greeting cards!

Jean :)

mumzy said...

Love those flower pictures. Great job as usual.
{{{Love and Hugs}}}

Anne Sans Tete said...

beautiful pictures! i had a pink calla lily sprout up from nowhere next to my veggie garden. they are gorgeous!

- Lisa N.

Karen said...

I love Calla Lilies the pink one s so perfect we only seem to see bright ones here

Irene said...

Great pictures, Calla Lillies are my favorite flower !

Denise said...

Boring - never!

What camera are you using? Your shots are wonderful!

My pictures look like a little kid got hold of mummies camera!

Smiles - Denise

Rachel S said...

So pretty! Love the calla lily.

Angela P said...

The Calla Lily picture is gorgeous! You definitely have quite the talent for taking pictures :) It's something I've always thought about learning!

♥ Nia said...

All so pretty :)
I love the second photo!

Carol said...

Pansies are one of my favorites, too, Cathey--I just love their little "faces." The calla lily is amazing--have never seen one in real life--what a soft shade of pink. Beautiful photos...

Renee said...

What absolutely beautiful flower pictures!!!!! WOW!!!