Monday, August 25, 2008

Birds & Bits

Even though there are still some hot and humid days lingering, the feel of fall is in the air :o) It's during this month that DH and I see a special kind of bird flying high in the sky. Over the years, they've been too high to determine what they are but this year, I think I've finally figured it out! They're called the Common Nighthawk and contrary to their name, they are not strictly nocturnal.

This year they were flying low enough that we were able to identify a white band on each wing and we could also pick out some brown, where before we thought the bird was completely black. It's so interesting to watch these birds because they fly in small flocks and they sore the sky like jets, scooping up insects in the air. I read in our bird book that one Nighthawk alone will consume over 500 mosquitoes! Heck, I'd set them up with housing if they would stay around all summer ;o)

Our other bird encounter this year has been with the American Goldfinch. For as long as I can remember over the past several years, there has always been one male and one female around our place. That's it! No other Goldfinches whatsoever. I'm always wondering if it's the same pair that comes back every year. You know they're around because you either hear their beautiful song or see a streak of yellow fly by :o)

This year we had quite a few sunflowers by the back patio and they were just the right height, around mid-thigh. About a week ago I startled the female Goldfinch when I walked out the patio door. Then I noticed why she was there. The sunflowers were turning and going to seed and she was packing up for the winter :o) I tried several times to get some good pictures and I don't think I was too popular with her at first -


But finally, with lots of patience, I snapped this one -


On to other things...I've noticed from my last post that I received quite a few comments! To my new readers, this is just a sample of my twisted sense of humour and I hope I didn't offend anyone. It's meant to be a funny post and I want people to laugh with me so I hope you will and never feel bad about doing so :o)

I know a lot of people are using Google Reader now so we're not directed to a Blogger's main page anymore :o( I just wanted to point out that my Cadbury Easter Cream Egg marathon has finally run its course. With those few extra from Shannon last month, I was able to achieve a breaking record but you'll have to go to my main page to see what it is ;o)

A lot of you have asked about Brie and don't worry; I will be putting up a post later this week about her. I have something very interesting to show and I didn't have the camera with me the first time around :oS She is doing just fine though and gaining even more strength in her hind end. DH and I think that she loves her new bed just a little too much because we've had a few mornings that 'we've' had to get 'her' up. LOL!

And finally...I want everyone to know that my mother now has her own Blog! That's right :o) I helped her set it up on the weekend and I'm quite proud of her :o) She's the quilter in the family and has even won a Grand Champion. I'd love it if you would head on over to her Blog, Quilts & All, and just say a little hello. She's been tickled pink with this new adventure and I'd like her to be welcomed into the Blogging community.

Stay tuned as there's more to come this week :o)


Karen said...

awwww Cathey its great news that Brie is improving so well. we have green and gold finiches in the garden they are very pretty to watch

mumzy said...

Thank you for the referral to my blog. Karen has already posted as did Lazy Gal Quilting. I was just tickled pink. Your pictures of the goldfinches were just great. In the first picture, that little bird looks really peeved off at you - almost looks like it is going to go into attack mode. Great photography. {{{Hugs}}}

Anonymous said...

Oh lovely birdie photo's
I am so glad to hear Brie is improving.
I will definately pop over to your Mom's blog to say Hi!!

Annie said...

Nighthawks remind me of a well-know DC area bar band:

What a look on that goldfinch! She doesn't seem to favor the papparazzi!

Ranae said...

We have Redtail hawks around here, but I dont think they eat insects, just small rodents.
That's great that your mum is blogging. I was already there:)

Anonymous said...

Aww beautiful birds!

I'm glad to hear Brie is doing well and looking foward to more info.

I use a Google reader but I use the 'next blog' button so I always get to visit to actual website :o)

Lori-Ann said...

Glad Brie is doing much better.

Nice capture of the finch! They do sound heavenly.

Daffycat said...

Oooo, lovely photos! I may have to plant sunflowers sometime!

I stopped in and said hello to your mom!

Wendy said...

Beautiful pics! I'm so happy to hear that little Brie is doing so well.

~Tammy said...

I love the first picture of the Goldfinch. She is NOT impressed with you! I love the sunflowers. They are one of my favorite flowers.

Jennifer said...

DH loves goldfinches - they're his favorite. To that end, he always keeps the finch feeder stocked with nyger or thistle seed. The finches seem to love it, and we have at least six pairs of them flitting around.

WendyCarole said...

what a lovely bird. Glad to hear Brie is improving. I have bookmarked your mum's blog and left a comment!

CathE said...

what a beautiful bird!

Anonymous said...

you know i love our finches - glad you have them visiting you, too! they were accompanying me with their beautiful songs last evening as i harvested my lavender. are you feeding them only finch (thistle) food? ours seem to prefer ONLY that. *lol*
and you tease, you! all these little hints & such here ... tell us NOW! ;o)
thank you for the award! you are so sweet!!!

Olenka's Stitches said...

Glad to hear that Brie is doing better. I love your goldfinches' pictures, how pretty they are! I also enjoy bird watching.

Faith Ann said...

Fantastic photos!!