Friday, March 02, 2007

Freshly Squeezed

Yup, "the girls" went in for their annual mammogram today. If they had been a couple of oranges, there would have been a pitcher full of juice at the end of my appointment! LOL! Men have NO idea how lucky they are. Although it looks like I have another good mammogram, it wasn't without stress let me tell you :o(

I was so excited when I got to the hospital because there was no waiting and that's something in itself! I should have known better though. When I got to the waiting area for the mammogram, the lady ahead of me informed me that she had been there for three hours. Great! Well, that's not exactly the word I said in my head ;o) She was right though. After they finished squeezing, squishing and squashing "the girls" it was going on the third hour. By this time I was already in a stressful state from being called back into the room three times for more pictures.

Once the last pictures were taken, I was told I had to go for an ultrasound. What? This wasn't scheduled. The stress level rose even higher. When the doctor came in the room to do the procedure she asked if I had felt the lump. WHAT? The stress level officially went through the roof! Thankfully after a bit of talking I came to realize the "mass" she was referring to. This area has been a bit of a concern the past couple of years but they keep assuring me it's just scar tissue from the two surgeries. This time the "mass" looked even denser so I have to go back in six months for another mammogram. So much for year of peace. Sigh!

So now "the girls" are home and we're settled in for the big storm tonight. I picked up some movies on the way home so we're good to go! Hopefully we don't get too much snow but I'd rather March come in like a lion than go out like one :o)


Jenn said...

Cathey your just to silly. :) Glad everything went ok today.

Karen said...

I hope the 'girls' are recovered from their stressful day glad things went ok for you

Lori-Ann said...

Hey Cathey,
Also glad things are ok. I've gotten to know a bit more about you. Seems we have'nt gotten a good chance for that at retreat :)
What a beautiful day today is!! Maybe spring is here,lol. I doubt it.

Jamie said...

YAY! Cathey good to hear the girls are well. I cannot believe they would make you go through all of that.

Faith Ann said...

I hope your stress level has decreased A LOT after getting through yesterday. I'm sure you had a rough week leading up to that. Sorry you have to go through it again in 6 months though.

Shannon L. said...

I hope the girls - and the rest of you ! - have recovered. What a stressor. *big (but gentle !) hugs*