Monday, March 12, 2007

Fourteen Down...36 More To Go!

I hate to say it but I'm still on the pink ribbon bandwagon ;o) On Friday, I completed another piece. This is Where There Is Life by Little House Needleworks -

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I am SO in love with this design! It's absolutely gorgeous and the picture does not do it justice! The threads are so soft, the fabric is a dream to work with and the verse is beautiful. This was a joint effort between LHN and Crescent Colors and all the proceeds from the kit are being donated to breast cancer education and awareness programs. There is only one shop that carries it so contact Elegant Stitch for yours :o) You will not be sorry.

The weekend wasn't bad but I have NO idea where it went. On Saturday, we headed down to the ocean to spend the day with DH's parents. DH had to bring some plywood down for his dad and while he was there, he helped with the latest batch of wine on the go :o) I spent the afternoon with my MIL and she taught me how to sew a new project! Unfortunately I cannot divulge what it is but I will definitely post a picture once it has been received. Sewing for me is always a bit nerve racking but with the super easy instructions that my MIL typed up, I should have no problems doing one on my own. I was also in heaven when she gave me three pillow covers that I can CROSS STITCH ON! Woohoo! The fabric is basically a blown up version of an evenweave (although this material is much thicker) so it's ideal. It works out to be 10 count over one or 5 count over two. I'm going to be on the search for the perfect patterns now :o)

Since DH did all the driving this time, I dug out my travel project, Noah's Crew by Imaginating. I fell in love with this piece when I saw a picture of it and a very kind soul sent me the pattern for free! Thank you Ann :o) The frame has been bought and received so now I just have to stitch everything up. On this trip I completed the rabbit :o) I'm sorry I don't have a better picture. He is so cute -

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This new Daylight Savings Time that we have been put on has reeked havoc on my inner clock :o( I'm a bit more tired than usual, if that's even possible! I slept half of Sunday away and the rest was basically curled up on the couch with DH and Brie watching movies :o) DH is finally getting over his cold and I seemed to have caught the last bit of it but thankfully it wasn't bad. I took a good dose of Cold FX and I really think it worked.

Today it's back to the grind and reality. I was pleasantly surprised to find a package full of Dragon Floss when I got home though!

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Aren't they gorgeous???? Thanks Sue!

At least I can say it's a little warmer outside, the sun is shinning and the days are going to be longer :o)


Shannon L. said...

Great finish. The colours are beautiful, and it looks like it was fun to stitch too. Congrats :)

Hope you're a bit more rested soon. Fondle those beautiful fibres - that'll help !

Oh... does this mean I can send you something to finish, now that your dear MIL has taught you something new ? LOL

Irene said...

WTIL is really nice. I've done that one. The bunny is a cutie ! I like the basket your new floss is in.

Karin said...

I love the pink in your sampler - it's a great finish. Those fibres are wonderful.

Barb said...

I love your Where There is Life Piece. I love the colors in it and the saying is so true. Your other finishes were cute too.

Karen said...

I have the LHN design in my to do pile yours looks wonderful stitched

Faith Ann said...

Love the latest "pink" finish!!

That basket of floss looks absolutely scrumptious!