Monday, March 26, 2007

Seventeen Down...33 More To Go!

BAM! I present to you...Hive by Bent Creek -

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I just love that little bee :o)

This is what the project looks like so far -

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I would have to say that I like this one over the Winter Snapperland so far. I'll have to wait until the border is complete to give my final verdict though :o)

I won't go into details about the weekend. Let's just say that doing my taxes did not make for a very happy day and I really need to win a million dollars. Okay, just a hundred thousand. All right, all right...ten thousand. I'd be happy with ten thousand ;o)


Carolyn said...

Great job Cathey:)
You will have all these projects done before you know it..I would love to do the "Summer"snapperland series at some point.You have inspired me to add them to my "wish list"

Faith Ann said...

Oh no... not taxes... {{{hugs}}}.

Spring Snapperland is looking fantastic!

Jenn said...

How cute. I can't wait to see what the next snapperland square is.

Terri M said...

I like the spring snapper so very much. We were talking about the colors of the flowers in the border on the Bent Creek list, changing their colors. Have you thought about that?

Jamie said...

I love this piece! I hate taxes but I'm glad that a friend did mine quickly and I ended up on the positive side of things at least.

I like your new avatar.

Shannon L. said...

Uh oh, your pics of this piece are making it look awfully enticing. Stop that !

Taxes. Just say no to taxes. I refuse to do mine. Think that will cause me problems ? But really - who needs the hassle. I'm sure the government will understand.... or not. *sigh*

When I win the $25million lottery tomorrow night, I'll send you out $10K :)

Karen said...

I love your spring snapper the colours are wonderful 30 eggs wow

Irene said...

Cathey, I love your Spring Snapperland. What fabric are you using, I think the color is what makes it.