Saturday, March 03, 2007

Eleven Down...39 More To Go!

Seeing that I just had my mammogram, I thought this was quite appropriate at the moment :o) This is I Can Survive! (Whimsical Girl) by Count Your Blessings -

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See what I mean? ;o) I want to thank those who left such wonderful and supportive comments on my Blog since yesterday. It really means a lot! I am dealing with things at my own rate. I'm trying to calm my nerves and reassure myself that it is just scar tissue. DH and I have agreed that he will come with me in August and hopefully we'll avoid this whole thing next time.

This is the second time that I have stitched I Can Survive! (Whimsical Girl). I made the first one into a pillow tuck and sent it down to a wonderful friend/fellow survivor who lives in the US. I plan on doing the same with mine when I get a chance to sit down and sew.

It has turned out to be a good weekend for stitching. We got hit with a good snowstorm on Friday and it left us with about 4-5 inches of snow. Today was a beautiful sunny day and quite warm so hopefully that sun will melt the snow fast and get it out of here! LOL!

Poor DH is down with a cold :o( I've been good at staying away from him so hopefully, knock on wood; I will avoid the whole thing. He is quite pitiful when he's sick but he deserves to be since he has to deal with me like that for 365 days of the year ;o)


Jenn said...

that's a very cute piece! I hope your DH is feeling better.

Faith Ann said...

That's so cute!!

I see you're at 19 cream eggs already... it's only MARCH!! LOL

Jamie said...

It is too cute! I hope DH is feeling better and I'm glad you got some relaxing stitchy time!

Pam said...

Love it ! I just discovered and ordered this chart. Can't wait to stitch it up for both my sis and myself (both bc survivors).