Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Sixteen Down...34 More To Go!

I finally dug out Spring Snapperland by Bent Creek and here's the Cottage -

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The whole design won't be done before spring, obviously, but I hope to have it done, at least, before spring is over :o) At this rate, I think it's possible.

Today is the first day of spring so it's only fitting that Spring Snapperland is in the works. I wish I could say something more positive about the weather outside. We still have snow although it's much less than what we had before. The heavy rains on the weekend took away a good portion of it. The temperatures are still cool though. On the positive side, green grass is starting to emerge!

I've been down the past few days with another bout of vertigo :o( I swear, this has got to be the worst ailment I've had. I should have known it was coming because on Sunday I had told DH that I was feeling very weird. It never fails and so far I have not learned to recognize the early warning signs. I'm feeling much better today but I sure could go for a huge plate of Chinese food :o)


Faith Ann said...

That's so cute!! I was looking at these charts over the weekend and thinking that they'd be a fun thing to stitch.

Jamie said...

You must have a large storage space for that many Cadbury Eggs! The authorities would never think to look in your stitching room.

Those charts are really cute. You are flying through the 50 project challenge!

Irene said...

Cathey, I didn't realize the spring ones were so cute. Your tempting me to do this one :)

Pam said...

Just adorable Cathey! Oh no, now you got my thinking 'bout Chinese....Pam

Lili said...

I LOVE this little design, Cathey! It's exquisitely stitched!
Thnak you for our kind comment.

Sharon said...

Your spring snapperlands are just so pretty. I have the autumn and winter sets and have not purchased the Spring one yet, and now seeing yours I just have to. I didn't realize how pretty they were. Your stitching is just lovely. How long did each take you to do??