Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Thirteen Down...37 More To Go!

After seeing all these finishes, I know what you're thinking and all you can say is...WOW! I KNOW! My needles have been smokin' :o) This cute little design is the Awareness Ribbon Christmas Ornament by Dragonfly Stitches -

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I changed the DMC colors to 604 and 986 and instead of individual pink stitches; I substituted Mill Hill beads (#02005). I really like the effect. Now I just need to figure out a way to finish it. I have loads of breast cancer fabric so I might use that somehow.

I was so excited yesterday when the mail showed up. My Think Pink kit by Lizzie Kate arrived :o) Unfortunately it won't be started right away because I'm missing three of the four specialty thread colors. Figures! :o( This kit is a limited edition of 500, with the profits donated to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, so therefore it falls under the Charity/Donations exemption ;o)


Faith Ann said...

That's adorable!! I love the bead substitution... they look perfect. I think it's my favourite "think pink" design yet... so cute!

Jenn said...

Very cute. I love the beads on it.

Jamie said...

I love it! This is the cutest little ornament I've seen. I looked for the design - not sure if it is still available.

I will post pics of Think Pink tonight!

Lili said...

Oh I have just read all the posts I've missed and I am happy that the mammogram looks normal apart from the "scar" inside.
Your stitching is looking great, and I think it's all a great choice too! I especially love the tree and its pink beads: very subtle and delicate.
Take care!

~Kim~ said...

Very elegant looking finish Cathey!