Sunday, March 25, 2007


Sights/Smells Of Spring.

Grass. The snow is going and we have grass showing now! I shouldn’t complain or be surprised because winter never really started until February. The snow we got was minimal compared to other places but grass is always one of the first signs of spring for me. Ask me again in a few months just how much I like grass and it will be a very different story though ;o)

Skunks. I swear they plan and co-ordinate when they will all appear from their winter dens. Their smell permeates the air with their own Eau De PU. We have one that hangs around our house every summer and the sadistic little bugger will “let go” on the hottest and most humid nights. You know, the ones where you “have” to keep the windows open :o(

Deer. Lots and lots of deer. They pepper the fields in large numbers, looking for the new grass growth. It’s an amazing sight to see large herds of them. They are such a beautiful creature.

Cow Poop. Yes, you heard me right :o) Since we live in “the country” we get to enjoy this smell about four months out of the year. With the melting of the snow it soon becomes time to spread that juicy cow concoction on the fields, fertilizing them for the year. Mm, mm, good :oP

Robins. I’m amazed that I have not seen one yet. Usually they have arrived by now. Maybe they just don’t like my yard ;o) Their huge red bellies are so pretty against the raw colors of a disappearing winter.

Dog Poop. You can’t think spring without that smell coming to mind :o) I don’t know if it’s “actually” dog poop. How can you smell dog poop everywhere you go? Maybe it is. I don’t know. There sure is a lot of spring poop going on!

Bunnies. I LOVE bunnies! L-O-V-E! Unfortunately the only ones I have seen have been flattened on the road :o( But seeing their white fur turning to brown reminds me that winter is on the way out.

Chocolate. The stores become filled with this heavenly smell for Easter. Just go down one of the isles and breathe deeply. Very deeply! Ahhhh… Oh sweet sweet dark master, you have such a hold on me :o)


Faith Ann said...

Spring is definitely here... even though it's a rather cool day. It's so nice to drive by the golf courses and see huge patches of grass!

Irene said...

We have Robins here in Vancouver :) I'll try and send some your way.

Karen said...

LOL for me spring means streaming eyes runny nose and sneezing oh the joy of hayfeaver. We have a little family of robins that live in our hedge

Jamie said...

Hehe I'm glad I can count on you for a laugh! I'm with Karen though - spring and my allergies do not like each other. We don't get robins in NYC but when I was in Delaware a couple weekends ago there were tons of robins!