Wednesday, March 14, 2007

What Is Victoria's Secret Anyway?

I’m getting dressed for work this morning and I’m almost ready to go out the door when I realize the fact that if I were to bend over my underwear is going to show. Not an attractive sight when you’re wearing low rider jeans. So, I quickly run to change when I realize that the underwear I want is among a huge pile of laundry that has accumulated over the past two weeks. Now even though it was all stuffed and stacked in the basket, it was done in an orderly fashion. Enter DH this morning and chaos has hit like an explosion, sending bits of clothes here and there, therefore disrupting the organized mess. The ones I’m looking for are not where they are supposed to be, making my morning more rushed than necessary. Thankfully, I located the little buggers. People can rest easy now when they look at my ass ;o)

What type of underwear do you like? A very personal question I know but hey, about 90% of the population wears them. The other 10% I’m assuming are going commando. Myself, I’m very particular about what I like. Very particular! Don’t ask me why but everything has to be plain white. White, white, white. No prints, no colors, no stripes, no frills. White. I prefer cotton but will go with a bit of Lycra if I have to. DH calls them my “Granny Undies” but hey, they’re comfortable and I’m the one wearing them after all. I have ventured into the boy short style panties and they aren’t too bad, but my heart is still with plain old white cotton undies that don’t bunch up into my behind :o)

Thongs. To be brutally honest, I hate them. Who, in their right mind, invented them? LOL! I’d like to meet the sadistic person who came up with the idea. Why would someone love to go around with a piece of string up their butt crack? I know, I know! There are some women who love them and like the fact that they do not get a panty line but there is seamless underwear out there now. My hat is off to those that can pull it off and who enjoy wearing one though :o)

I also hate underwear shopping. Give me a root canal any day ;o) What makes things so frustrating is when I find something that I like, it becomes discontinued later down the road :o( Argh! And let’s be even more honest…I’m not a size 2 anymore. Hey, maybe if I were, I wouldn’t mind wearing all those cute styles that are out there now. What makes things more difficult is the fact that you cannot really try underwear on before you buy it. I realize that it wouldn’t be very hygienic if you could but how are you supposed to get the right feel or style? You know those stockings they have when you try on shoes? Maybe they should come up with an underwear condom :o)

So in the end it all comes down to this…here’s to Granny Undies everywhere! No frills. Cheers :o)


Jamie said...

Haha Cathey this post made me laugh out loud. Way to go on the Cadbury eggs too!! As for my panty (I hate that word) preference... depends on the day... my favs are haines, female - male cut - undies... they are very hard to find! But they are thick and sturdy and dont' move around. I like LOTS of color. I enjoy some brands boy shorts and bikini. If there's a panty line possible I go commando. Back when my parents paid for my undies I had like 70 pairs - definitely enough for 2 months before getting to the pairs only worn during selective weeks of the year. Now I actually have to do laundry. I have found that I love Target's Gilligan and Mally (i think) brand a lot. They are inexpensive and well made, comfy and pretty! Now that you know all about my undies - have a great day!!

Karen said...

LOL thank you Cathey I had a nice chuckle reading this, I like white and comfortable not too fussy on the style just dont like the ones that Bridget Jones wore mind you they would keep the tummy warm in winter I guess. I hate shoppping for underwear the store I normally use has for some reason moved the undies section to near the main entrance LOL I think they have lost alot of customers as no one likes being watched by everyone entering the store as they look at knickers!!!
I see I need to eat a couple more eggs to catch you up

Faith Ann said...

LOL. I'm not telling!

Well, I'll tell this much... I like colours and patterns.

Terri said...

Victoria's Secret is not being real.

I typed up all this stuff about my underwear, but, um, I think I'd rather wear my underwear in public than leave it here for *strangers* to see! lol