Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Gee, that sounds like the warranty coverage that I have on my car ;o) LOL! I'm a bit late in doing this. Jamie tagged me last week and I'm just getting around to posting this now. Eek!

Okay, here's how it works. For the first part, I will ask my oh so wonderful followers, er...I mean readers, to either email me or post in the comment's section questions that they want to know about me. One question per person, with a maximum of five questions in total. I will follow up on these questions and answer them in future posts :o)

For the second part, I am to list five things about me that I have not revealed in my Blog so far. This ought to be good...

1 ~ Back in 1991, I was Second Princess in the Miss Fredericton Pageant. Yes, it's true :o) The judges found me quite charming! ROFL! People might find this very odd because one, I'm definitely not a girly girl, two, I'm quite shy and three, I'm FAR from charming. I'd rather dig around in horse poop than wear a dress, the last thing I want in a crowd is to have the focus on me and people find me very stuck up until they get to know me. I found the experience quite liberating though and it definitely made me overcome my fear of public speaking so all was not lost ;o)

2 ~ Like Jamie, I've always wanted to write a children's book. I have lots of ideas running around in my head but I just haven't gotten them out yet. I took a children's literature course back in university and LOVED it! I can't look at enough children's books when we go to the bookstore :o) I'd like to write anything really and I'm not sure why I didn't go into Journalism way back when. It all comes down to dumb choices.

3 ~ The first car I ever had was a chocolate brown Chevy Citation. Did I mention it was chocolate brown on the inside too???? I named that car Guido :o) I can't tell you how many times I locked my keys inside or left the lights on and my battery dead. That car got swore at "a lot".

4 ~ I have a great love for water, especially the ocean, but I hate being in it or have it on my face. I'm not a great swimmer even after years of classes. I do have a genuine fear of water but I'm not sure if it stems from almost drowning when I was a child or the fact that I've watched too many Friday The 13th or Jaws movies ;o) If I can't see the bottom, it freaks me out! Pools are okay but again, I hate being "in" the water. I still shower every day, for those of you wondering ;o) My face has to be out of the water though and I have to have a towel handy in case water gets in my eyes. Yes, I have issues. LOL!

5 ~ I've had fourteen different kinds of pets. Yes, I'm an animal lover :o) Over the years I've known dogs, cats, rabbits, horses, chinchillas, a hedgehog, sugar gliders, a lovebird, a hamster, fish, ducks, chickens, geese and a turtle. Oh, and I did bring home a seagull once but Mom wouldn't let me keep him :o(

Finally, I have to tag five other souls :o) Here you go Katie, Faith Ann, Shannon, Karen and Kim! Have fun!


Shannon L. said...

Sometimes it's just scary when I learn more about you.... juuuuuust scary. LOL

In addition to many other things we seem to have in common, I too had a Guido who was chocolate brown. Only mine was an Italian-food loving mouse who also enjoyed chewing through wires, and pooping on my textbooks. He was sworn at alot too LOL

Faith Ann said...

So we're in the presence of royalty!

I'll try to respond to my tag over the weekend :)