Monday, February 19, 2007

How To Properly Eat A Cadbury Easter Cream Egg

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As you may have noticed, I have been keeping track of my Cream Egg intake since the first of the year. These little gems usually pop up shortly after Christmas and last all the way until Easter. They are my big weakness. In case you didn't know, there is a proper way to eat these delicious eggs and I'm going to give you a short tutorial on how to do so :o)

First, upon finding the eggs, you must inspect the wrapper carefully. What you are looking for is any indication that the egg has broken or that some of the inner contents have leaked out (this will show as a sticky substance). Once satisfied with the perfection of your egg, you want to carefully take off the wrapper. I usually take mine all the way off but you might want to take it about three-quarters of the way off depending on your preference.

Next, bite off the very top of the egg, taking great care to only break off the chocolate tip. You should be able to see the creamy filling at this point. Now, carefully chew away the chocolate sides, going about halfway down the egg or until the filling starts to go over the sides.

This is by far the best part! With your tongue, gently scoop out the creamy filling, taking care not to break the chocolate sides. You might only be able to get about two scoops but don't worry :o) If that is the case, chew away more of the chocolate sides, taking the egg down to about a quarter from the bottom. This will allow you to finish scooping out the filling until it's all gone. Yum!

The last step is to just pop the remaining chocolate into your mouth and savor it. Ahhhh! Now wasn't that good? Once you eat about two or three of these eggs, you'll get the hang of it ;o)

I know from past conversations that Karen is also a big fan of these heavenly eggs and so much so, that she has posted her tally on her Blog as well :o) So I want to know who else is a closet Easter Cream Egg lover! Don't be shy show yourself!

I'm almost afraid to see what my final count will be by the time Easter comes around :oS What really worries me as well is when MacDonald's come out with their Easter Cream Egg Flurries! Now those are not too bad but really, nothing can compare to the Cream Egg itself ;o)


PamR said...

Hi Cathey!Your description of how to eat a Cadbury Cream Egg makes me want to send Greg out to get us some!I am enjoying your e-mails so much. I have completed one PIF so far and am working on a second one. Take care LOVE YOU! PamR.

Carolyn said...

Thanks for the lesson...I have been tempted to buy a couple but after seeing this might partake you see they now have dark chocolate eggies now??

WendyCarole said...

Hi Cathey

i used to eat cadbury creme eggs but find them to sweet now :( Your description just might tempt me though


Faith Ann said...

I might just have to buy one to see if I like them now :)

What about the mini cream eggs? Are those okay?

Jamie said...

Oh Cathey! This is so cute. I personally don't like the eggs but I do enjoy the Reese's eggs.

Hope you are well... I'm playing catch up!

Karen said...

nothing worse than a creme egg that the fondent has started hardening in.

Sharon said...

Cathey, I just love your post about cadbury cream eggs, ahhh heaven. I have not had one this year yet, but now I find after reading your description, I have to run out and buy myself one or two dozen. :) You enabler you!! LOL
Hugs, Sharon

Heather said...

Well I am way behind you Cathey, with no hope of catching up. I have eaten 2, that's it.