Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Eight Down...42 More To Go!

It's a few days later than expected but he's finally done :o) This is Morning Dragon by Dragon Dreams -

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I'm SO pleased with the fabric that I picked for him. If you don't remember me saying, it's called Pumpkin Patch (funny, I know) by Sugar Maple Fabrics. It makes such a wonderful contrast to the Merlin (by SMF) that I stitched Evening Dragon on. Pumpkin Patch is a mixture of greens, yellows and oranges and reminds me of the light of day. Merlin is a combination of purples, pinks and greens, kind of like dusk. I now have Morning and Evening Dragon complete :o)

I had promised a progress picture of Oak Island so here it is -

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It's a little hard to tell but there has been a lot of stitching done since the last picture I posted. Today I will dig it out again and see how far I can get this week. Adding this WIP to my rotation has been a wonderful idea and is working out very well. Once Oak Island is completed, I will replace it with another large WIP that I have set aside.

Back in December, I finished my third PIF gift but never got around to posting it! Nancy has received it so now I can share a picture of her -

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Nancy told me her favorite colors were red and purple so I immediately knew I was going to stitch the Red Hat Snowlady by The Stitchworks Ltd. :o)


Shannon L. said...

Look at you go ! Morning Dragon is just perfect. The fabric is great ! Definitely must stitch that one for my own personal Mr. Grump LOL

Love the snowman too. What a cutie. And you're going to be done Oak Island before you know it :) Where are you going to hang that beauty ?

Faith Ann said...

That dragon is perfect on that fabric!! Great finish!!

Oak Island is looking fantastic too.

Jamie said...

I love the little dragon guy and the fabric is great for him. The Oak Island piece is just amazing. You'll be to 49 down and 1 to go in no time.

Jenn said...

I love your morning dragon. He's just to cute. What a great PIF piece. I'm glad Nancy liked it.

Karen said...

wonderful dragon, my DH would love it as his nickname is grumpy

Lili said...

Great stitching!
I'm a grumpy mom, so I think I might stitch this dragon too...
Take care!

Barb said...

Those are cute. I love that "Who says I'm grumpy" one. Goiod job on them all.

Mary Ann said...

OOOh, lots of stitching pictures! Oak Island is looking fantastic! The Morning Dragon is great--I love the fabric. And the Snowlady is so cute!