Friday, November 21, 2008

S & M

Be honest, how many of you raised your eyebrows when you saw this title? ;o) It just so happened that two of the dirtiest words in my vocabulary came up this past week. Ugh!

Snow - yes, that is a dirty word in my books ;o) We had our very first snow flurries this past Wednesday. I really shouldn't complain since we've been so lucky thus far but I refuse to let it snow before I move! LOL! Whether I will be that lucky remains to be seen. Today, I finalized the moving date for December 12. That's when the movers come in and do their thing and I'll be off to my bachelor pad ;o)

Just because it hasn't snowed doesn't mean that it hasn't been ccccold! This was the week that temperatures took a big U-Turn. Our mild temps said farewell and Jack Frost took over. My thumbs have already been frozen more times than I can count. The frost will definitely be starting to settle into the ground now, making way for...snow :o(

Ma'am - that word seems harmless enough doesn't it? Well, not in my books, especially when it's referring to me! I was in Canadian Tire this past week. I was just on my way out the Exit at the same time as this guy. I'd say he must have been in his late teens. Anyway, he stopped to allow me through first and said "You first ma'am." Huh? Did I hear him right? Yup. I looked around to make sure he was talking to me. No one else there. Me a ma'am???? GG!

I got in the car and my head was just reeling. I couldn't believe it! Holy crap, I'm only 37 and I'm being called a ma'am? Isn't that word reserved for someone like my mother or grandmother? Do I really look that old? Please tell me I don't look older than my age. Did you know that the actor, Daniel Craig (James Bond), is the same age as me? If I didn't tell you that, how old would you think he was? Myself I thought late forties. Now granted he is a good looking man but PLEASE don't tell me that I look that old at 37 :oS Ahhhhhhhhhh!

I am happy to report that Stargazer will be traveling down to Moncton tomorrow for her frame fitting :o) The frame I picked out is so gorgeous! Expensive too but we won't talk about that... Hopefully she'll be ready to come home by next week. Even though she'll just go into storage, I'm happy to know that she'll be finally complete and one day soon I'll be able to just gaze at her myself.

Now that Tot is done and hidden away where I can't see her, I can concentrate on a few little projects that must get done. Unfortunately they are secret ones so I won't be able to share pictures for awhile :o( This will be a nice change of pace for me and one I'm looking forward to. Should I mention that one does require a few beads? Bah! I'm sure it won't push me over the edge ;o)


Chiloe said...

S&M? Well, ma'am, that's your private life !!! lol

Good luck with the packing but you may have less stuffs than I do (>i really hope for you !!! lol)

Keep the snow ;-) Have you heard about this little gel thing that can warm your hands when it's cold (I don't know the name but I know you break a little thing and they warm up).

Anonymous said...

Now if he had said 'Miss' what would you of thought!! That makes me think of a spinster teacher!!LOL I just think it is nice he had manners and didn't try and beat you through the door like some would over here!!
Oo are the brownies for you??

~Tammy said...

S & M?! Very cute!

We got our first snow here this week, too! Bleh. I could go in to hibernation from now until April to only come out for the week of Christmas.

Good luck with taking Stargazer to the framers.

Suzanne said...

Maybe it's a cultural difference, but ma'am doesn't seem to have the same connotation here. That may be because I'm in the US in the south though. To me it seems like proof that someone has taught this guy manners...not so common these days unfortunately!

I love snow, but we don't get much of it and I don't have to put up with dealing with it long, so that's probably why...

I can't wait to see Stargazer framed! When will you be moving out of your bachelor pad? I bet you will miss Duncan!


mumzy said...

Hey! You can call me Ma'am anytime, as long as it is not because I'm old. I guess I would have thought he was just being polite. Now I know that you think I am Old - Thanks a lot! LOL

I am with you on the word snow though. Hopefully, we won't run into too much of it in Moncton tomorrow. Have a good weekend! Will call you from Moncton!

Olenka's Stitches said...

You are funny :-))). Looking forward to seeing your Stargazer framed.

Irene said...

You can keep the snow. It may make you feel old, but hey it's polite, especially what could come from some of the teenagers around this city. Good luck on the move, hope everything goes smoothly. Can't wait to see Stargazer framed.

Rachel S said...

We got a little snow yesterday, too. Not bad. Just pretty. Christmas snow!

I get m'amed all the time. I wonder why, but there are worse things to be called, LOL

Ranae said...

Send the snow here pleazzzz
I think that man was being rather polite, there are worse words he could have used, lol. If that was me I would have said, "excuse me" lol. My ToT fairy will have to wait for next year. I can't wait to see Stargazer dressed in her frame.

Paisley said...

I swear I did not send the snow!

Lili said...

CONGRATULATIONS Ma'am! Tote is a wonder!!!
LOL! I had to laugh at that. You know, it's hard to never be called Miss again...
Mind you, the youg lad may have wanted to see if you were as cute seen from behind...
Glad that Brie will be able to stay with you.
Many many hugs,

Lori-Ann said...

Well, Mumsy MUST have run into snow. Did you see my blog? ROFL. Snow capitol of the Maritimes, baby!

That's nothing... try being in your late 20's with a couple of young kids and everyone in the stores calling you Ma'am. I felt old, because all while I was growing up... it was "Miss". Push out a couple kids, still look young and it becomes Ma'am?? How unfair! :O( At least it was staved off for you until late 30's... I'd say that is a feather in your cap!

Can you sneak us a picture of Tot, framed before you tuck her away? pleeeease?? :oD

Anonymous said...

Well, ma'am (lol) ... there are worse things to be called. ;o) I've got to go with everyone else ... at least the young man was respectful.
Ah, come on ... what's a little snow? I think ours is gone today, but we've had enough 'flurries' lately to leave some on the ground most days. I don't mind the snow - but what happened to transitioning from summer to fall to winter?!?!?! BRRRRRR!!!!