Sunday, November 30, 2008

It Never Fails

Yesterday, Mom and Dad arrived for a long afternoon of sorting and packing. The 'majority' of my model horse collection got packed up, along with most of my framed needlework. I finally decided that I would trust Mom with my Quiltmaker (not to mention my Stargazer) ;o) I know there will be insurance on all of our stuff but to me, those items are irreplaceable. I definitely DO NOT want to stitch the Quiltmaker a 'third' time. LOL! Maybe I should have mentioned to my parents that our pictures might be taking an extended holiday with them as well...

The house is really beginning to look like it's losing its personality. Our belongings are pretty much packed away now so there are just boxes upon boxes among pieces of furniture. I have less than two weeks left to have everything ready for the movers to take over and overall, I'm pretty pleased with my progress. I've had some great help from both sides of the family though :o) Remember Sweetie...YOU OWE ME BIG TIME! Do I see a pretty blue box in my future????

It never fails though. No matter how hard you try, you can never predict what to pack and what not to pack. I thought I was being so careful, trying to think ahead of time of things that I might need in the future but today I ran into my first problem. And in retrospect it was something so simple too! Can you guess? Pliers. Yup, a measly pair of pliers (maybe I should ask Santa for this). And what did I need them for? Finishing my last stitching ornament. LOL! And since this piece is for my secret ornament exchange, I can't share any details :o( I certainly have you wondering though, don't I? ;o)

As of later today, that ornament will be completed. The stitching that is. The finishing will be done later this week when I get my hands on a pair of pliers. So that means that I will have achieved the number of ornament sized pieces for this year! The only things left on my list are one small and one medium stitched piece. I have one month left. Well, not quite when you factor in moving, DH coming home, Christmas and our possible trip. I still see it as a challenge though! I have the two pieces in mind and I know I have all the supplies. How many days can one go without sleep? Is it possible to teach a dog to stitch? ;o)


~Tammy said...

I sent all of my stitching supplies to a freind's place. I wrapped my finished pieces and my frame New York Yankee jersey and stored them on the trailer. It was painful to watch them being loaded on the trailer, but I didn't have a lot of choice at that point.

I totally understand your dilemma of what to pack when and then discovered you need it. Cute Boy and I packed for this condo and ended up with 2 kettles and no coffee maker. All the christmas decorations are on the trailer, as are winter boots (not mine!) and so many other things that we could use right now.

Holy long winded! LOL I should have sent this in e-mail. ;)

Olenka's Stitches said...

I can imagine what your house looks like now because I packed and moved so many times.
Do not forget about yourself, you need good rest after the stressful work you are having now.

Suzanne said...

I HATE packing and moving! You have my utmost sympathy!

Are we ever going to see pictures of this secret ornament?! LOL


Anonymous said...

Oh boy not long now then!! I am sure your Mom will take extra special care of your ladies!! ;0)
Last time we moved luckily was only a mile down the road,and we had parents to dump valuables with,until we were in!
Does sound intriguing what you would need pliers for... can't wait to see!!

Irene said...

Oh I definetly think you need the tool case, and it's pink !! Glad to hear you are entrusting the ladies with your Mom, they will be better off with her. Make sure you get lots of rest.

Daffycat said...

I'm glad mom will babysit your stitching!

I wouldn't like packing up at all! I have a hard enough time trying to choose what to take/leave on vacation!

Marita said...

Packing is so very hard. I agree with the comment above that you need to make sure you take time for you. Remember to stop and rest occasionally.

I've moved so many times now that I know I don't want to move again for several years. :grin:

Lori-Ann said...

I'll "ladysit"!!! Pick ME!!! LOL.

(Kinda like putting a monkey in charge of the bananas, eh?)

Take it easy!

Alberta said... you can retain your sanity with all of this going on, I'll never know! Keep it up and I know there will be something special for you in the future.

Rachel S said...

I'm right there with you. How will I know what I need til I need it? Hugs while you're packing.

Ranae said...

Teach a dog to stitch? LOL
you are too funny, keep that in mind when packing. I need like 10 dogs then, lol.

mumzy said...

You know I will take care of your ladies. They may have to stay longer than you had planned. LOL

Don't joke about my granddog being able to stitch. She is just smart enough, she might just be able to learn to do it. LOL

Karen said...

can't wait to see your secret orni,I'm sure your mum will give your ladies back....................................................................eventually