Friday, September 26, 2008

Six Quirky Things About Me

The Rules:

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Share 6 non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself.
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Velda does NOT know what she has unleashed...

1. I eat pie and cheesecake from the crust inwards but I eat pizza from the inside out towards the crust.

2. I cannot use a bathroom if it has a magazine/picture/wallpaper with eyes.

3. I always leave part of my drink at the bottom of my glass. Always.

4. I have a public bathroom phobia. If I can, and I usually can because I'm a camel, I will go all day without going to the bathroom.

5. I'm addicted to smell of new magazines.

6. Sometimes, I can go a week without pooping ;o)

TMI? Blame Velda. LOL!

Okay, I pass this on to the following fellow freaks -



~Tammy said...

Saving the best for last, I see! LOL

Velda said...

WOW lol weird AND brave..........oh well, at least you like prison break lol lol LMAO

Karen said...

LOL I was going to comment on your last habit but thought better of it for some reason ;o)

Crazee4books said...

Hi Cathey,

Don't think I've commented since
you posted the picture of Brie and
Duncan on Sept 23rd. How cute.
Duncan is quite the handsome fella.
I can see that he must have been a
champion, judging by his looks. His
fur is an interesting colour. Is
that common for his breed??

I figured Brie had to be a mini...
she's such a dainty little thing.
They are sweet together.

Tot is looking fantastic, and the
fabric that you chose to stitch
her on is perfect. Hope that her
placement on the material is
correct so you'll have room to do
all the fancy bead work etc.

Loved your list of quirks.
Is there a theme here?? I refer
to this post, and previous ones
with references to fart jokes
and stuff. Just wondering.

The trees here are really starting
to change now, and some are even
beginning to loose their leaves.
It's been fairly warm during the
day time thus far, but by the end
of this week it looks as though
the high will only be 9 degrees.
No frost here yet. Will you be
feeling the effects of that
Hurricane at all?? Hope not.

Tomorrow is Mammogram day. Will
let you know how it goes. The
things we do for our health and
well being....


Anonymous said...

Hi, I hope you're safe and dry.

Lili said...

I share the number 3 habit...
You're a very special woman, ya know? Lol!!!

Rachael said...

Oh you tagged me!! erm well i think I will have to try and narrow it down to only 6 quirky things!! Oh gosh ;0)

Shannon said...

You're one of THEM ! The "little liquid left in the glass every single time to make sure Shannon somehow dumps it all over herself or the carpet" people ! Grrrrr.... A is one of them too. Drives me NUTS !

Moi ? Quirky things ? Lil' ol' moi ? I can't think of a thing... lol I'll give this some thought and post soon...

Jennifer said...

LOL - like Karen, I think I'll skip commenting on your last fact.