Friday, September 12, 2008

The Bucket List

I'm sure most of you have either seen the trailer or the movie itself. If not, let me give you a quick explanation :o) The Bucket List is about two older gentlemen who write out a list of things that they want to do before they "kick the bucket", i.e. die. Some of the stuff is outlandish but hey, it is a movie after all. LOL!

I think we've all, at some point in our lives, kept hopes and dreams of some things that we'd like to do someday but how many of us have actually written these down on paper? After confronting my own possible mortality back in 2000 with my breast cancer (things were a little more complicated and frightening at the time with other unknowns that I have never written about), I decided that to get back into life, I would start to make small goals for myself and slowly work up to bigger ones. Thus, this was the beginning of my Bucket List :o)

As I stated, things started out small. My first goal was to stitch this pink ribbon piece before my surgery -


And I did :o) In case you're wondering what's written on the plaque, it's a quote by my DH and it reads "In honour of the spirit that all women possess when overcoming obstacles."

Not only did my Bucket List contain things that I wanted to do in my lifetime but it also contained the things that I had already managed to achieve, like marry my soul mate :o) As each goal was met, it would get transferred to this second part of the list. After a few years, I began to see this side grow and that does wonders for someone's soul.

So far I have managed to meet the smaller and more achievable goals for this time in my life but there are still many things on my list that have yet to be done. One of them was to see the Eagles in concert. I grew up with their music playing on the radio and I guess those tunes never escaped my head because I became a huge, HUGE fan. I have all their tapes/CDs, whatever you want to call them now. LOL!

Back in 1994 they were in Toronto for a concert and for some reason I couldn't make it :o( I thought for sure they'd never come together again. But then the news hit earlier this year that they were going to be the featured band to play in Moncton. I just about died! I probably would have walked over hot coals to get there but deep down I knew the reality of going to such a thing. A whole day venue, outside, with no chairs would not bode well with my Fibro :o( DH was more than willing to get me there but unfortunately I had to think of my health first.

Then something miraculous happened this week. I went to the mailbox and there was a bubbled envelope addressed to me from Moncton. As soon as I got in the house I ripped it open. At first I was a little confused as to the contents but once I pulled it all out, this is what I saw -


There ARE such things as Fairy Godmothers and I now have my very own!!!! To say that I was over the hill with happiness would be an understatement ;o) If this is as close as I could get to that concert, then that's good enough for me and I have Lori-Ann to thank for that! This is such a huge RAOK that I'm not sure I could ever repay but I will certainly try. You have provided me with a taste of the concert but in the comfort of my own home and what could be better. Thank you, thank you, thank you from the very bottom of my heart :o)


Karen said...

what a great gift from Lori-Ann

Anonymous said...

WTG Lori-ann, What a lovely gift!!
and the pink ribbon is lovely Cathey

Annie said...

What a thoughtful gift. That's so great when a friend comes up with just the perfect item.

Anonymous said...

Awesome. What a good friend Lori-Ann is. I love the Eagles, too. :o)

Olenka's Stitches said...

You've made a lovely job on the pink ribbon! What a precious gift from Lori-Ann!

Lori-Ann said...

Actually I had no idea that the Eagles was on your bucket list...I was just testing my wand!!! rofl.

But seriously, I have all thr "payback" I need, knowing you are over the moon. Maybe I should be glad I wasn't there when you opened it or I may have had the air squeezed out of me!

You're VERY welcome. :o)

(I love your BC ribon... well done)

Anonymous said...

What an awesome friend you have in Lori-Ann! Very cool gift!!

Cindy said...

What a wonderful gift! I'll bet that seeing the boys from New Jersey are also on that bucket list :)

Chiloe said...

I said it before: stitchers are the best !!! ;-)

Ranae said...

Wow! what the simplest things can do. Thanks Goodness for friends.
Beautiful pink ribbon

CathE said...

Wow, how wonderful. I'm gald things are picking up for you.

Anonymous said...

AWWWWWWWWWWWW. This brought tears to my eyes. It is so nice to have friends who will do something so kind for you. Enjoy your surprise.

Aussie Stitcher said...

That is a lovely gift to receive.

Alberta said...

"Send out love and harmony, put your mind and body in a peaceful place, and then allow the universe to work in the perfect way that it knows how"
Dr Wayne W Dyer

Lili said...

You are the most amazing woman I've ever "met", Cathey. Your spirit and philosophy do wonders -not only for yourself, but also for me.
Reading your blog is a source of inspiration in many many subjects and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing all this.
Lots of hugs, fav Pumpkin,