Tuesday, October 16, 2007

When It Rains...

...it pours. Literally :o(

Come here. Just come here for a second. Take a look. Do I have a sign that says "Kick Me" on my back? No? Do you see any sign that a curse has been put upon me? No? Okay, so have you found that horseshoe that obviously fell out of my a*%? Maybe it wasn't there to begin with ;o)

If you haven't guessed by now, things are a 'wee bit' more stressful here. DH is still waiting to hear about a new job and we're coping with the fact that we only have one car now, although my parents have been kind enough to lend us one of theirs :o) That positive attitude I had a few weeks ago when I thought we did really well organizing ourselves has gone right out the window...

On Friday, I noticed that my bad tooth was throbbing. I blamed the fact that my mouth guard must have irritated it. By Sunday, I had changed my mind! It was SORE! I couldn't even let my bottom teeth come in contact with it because the pain would send me leaping off the couch. As much as I hated to admit it, the word 'root canal' came to mind. I was keeping a positive attitude though so I was hoping it was just an infection.

Monday morning I called my dentist. Now you have to understand something about me. I absolutely HATE going to the dentist, for anything! The anxiety that builds up is enormous. The receptionist knew I must have been in a lot of pain for me to be calling and 'asking' to come in. They have come to know me pretty well. LOL!

Well...the bad news is...I have an infection AND I have to have a root canal :o( The good news...that tooth only has one root so we're only looking at $400. Remember, no dental coverage now :o( More bad news...they can't get me in until December 3 so that means I have a month and a half to wait and know that it's coming. Not what I need right now.

So off I go to the drug store with my prescription for antibiotics. I hand it over to the woman behind the counter and she punches it in and says "You have no insurance coverage on file. Have you recently changed it?" I explained the situation and told her we had to buy our own and that it was all done the first of the month. "I'm sorry, there's nothing on file here so you'll have to pay the full amount."

Great! I head down the road to the bank and checked to see if the payment for the health insurance had come out. Nope. Nada. I finally located a pay phone (I HATE cell phones but this was the time to have one) and call DH to inform him of what is going on so he could call and find out what's up. Everything was sent the first of the month, by courier, but 'apparently' the health insurance company claims they never received it. Can you guess how many times I hit my head on the steering wheel????

What's the verdict? I'm on a waiting list with the dentist but I complicate the matter because I have to take antibiotics 24 hours ahead of time because of a heart condition. The health insurance matter is still being looked into and we've had no word yet. I have prescriptions coming up that I need and they are not cheap :o(

There you have it. I ranted. I raved. I'm still looking for that horseshoe. I feel a little better though :o) I don't even dare to say the words "What else can happen?"


Alberta ('Berta) said...

Cathey, how can I help? I wish I was closer so I could give you a great big {{{hug}}}. This must be happening for a reason, stay as positive as you can...If the Lord brings you to it, he'll see you through it.

If you want to email me offline...its available under my blog profile!

Take care my Dear!

Lori-Ann said...

Sorry it is pouring on your head :(

Hope the wound on your forehead heals quick. This just stinks.

Big {{{{hugs}}}}} to you.

Sharon said...

Oh I am so sorry to hear about your poor tooth. I know how painful that can be, I hate the dentist too. Just thinking of it makes my teeth ache. UGH!! Hope you get the insurance stuff straightened out, you are not kidding, when it rains it pours. hope the sun comes out very soon for you. sending hugs, xoxox Sharon

Karen said...

awwww Cathey I wish I could help or at least give you a hug

Faith Ann said...

{{{hugs}}} I hope the insurance "mess" gets straightened out quickly. You guys went to take care of that right away, it's not fair that it got "lost"!!

Mary Ann said...

Cathey, I wish I could help! I can send big ((HUGS)) and keep you guys in my thoughts and prayers.

Lesley said...

I can totally relate to the dental issues - for awhile I was incorporating ibuprofen into my regular diet just to numb the nagging tenderness from 2 crowns I had done. Honestly I think I was in more pain after having my teeth "fixed" than I did before even visiting the dentist for a routine checkup.
I've since switched to a new dentist who's okay with my dental views "If it's not broken or causing me an ENORMOUS amount of pain, keep your fingers outta my mouth"
And he's super hot too :-)
Hope your luck turns around soon!