Sunday, October 07, 2007

Finish Thirty-Eight

This little guy is called Sailing Dragonlet by Dragon Dreams -

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This is a very special freebie that was given out to shoppers during the Sue Hillis visit. Given our situation at the moment, I thought the wording was quite appropriate :o) I stitched mine on 28 count light blue (not sure of the exact color name) Lugana. Let me tell you, my new fabric inventory system is FABULOUS! It sure simplifies my life.

As I already mentioned, we are at the ocean this weekend. It's bird hunting season right now so we've all had to be careful, including Brie -

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LOL! She is just the cutest ;o) She's waiting in her chariot (the golf cart) ready to go!

We had a delicious Thanksgiving Day supper yesterday at my in-laws but it's hard to believe that this is the first week of October! What a gorgeous weekend it has been so far. The skies are a lovely blue and the trees are sporting all the different colors of fall.

Last night we went down to the bar and did some fishing. I couldn't believe it when my rod started jerking and here's proof of my "huge" catch -

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LOL! This is a mackerel. They have such a colourful top on them. We only catch and release so this little guy went right back in the ocean. DH caught one later on but his was a little bigger than mine. There weren't many bites but we were down at half tide so that might have been a factor.

The tides are very low at the moment so we get to walk further out during low tide. It's neat to comb the beaches for sea glass and shells. I was able to find five or six sea urchins. I'll take some pictures later and post them :o)

I want to wish my Dad a very Happy Birthday today! Remember Dad, pick your age and say you're that forever but make sure you can get away with it ;o)


Anonymous said...

Aww what a cute little dragon. Happy Birthday to your dad :o)

Karen said...

Happy Birthday to your dad I hope he had a great day.
sounds like you are having a good time by the ocean , Brie looks cute in her coat

BeckySC said...

Cute finish :)

Faith Ann said...

Awwwww... Brie looks so cute!!

Very cute DD finish!!

Carolyn said...

I am glad that you and hubby were able to get away and relax a little.Your little Brie is such a cutie and love her is my favorite color:)

BTW...your little dragon is awesome

Jenn said...

Happy Birthday to your dad! Your finish is so cute and a saying everyone should try to do from time to time.

Lori-Ann said...

ACHOO! (sorry...hope I didn't give your laptop a virus) So that's what the dragon pattern looks like in color. Isn't it cute? Nice job.

Glad you are enjoying a get away. Brie is so fashionista ;)

Alberta ('Berta) said...

Cathey, I loved the photo of your big catch!

Glad to hear you had a lovely weekend - we were similarly blessed!

Rachel S said...

The dragon is a-door-e-bull

Irene said...

Cute finish ! Brie looks adorable in her coat.