Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Finish Thirty-Seven

Seeing that I have not been in the stitchy mood lately, I'm surprised I even have something to show! LOL! This is The Plum Berry Sampler by Bent Creek -

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I don't know if it was just because of my state of mind but this little project gave me the most headaches. Grrrr! I had to frog the "complete" alphabet because I had stitched it in the wrong color :oS All along I was wondering why it wasn't showing up that well. D'uh!

I made a few changes to this pattern. Mine was stitched on 32 count Lambswool Linen instead of the Touchstone Linen it originally called for. I also replaced the WDW Mulberry for WDW Crimson and used round buttons to match. The Crimson was used for the specialty stitches; Rhodes, Smyrna and Eyelet and this picture gives you another angle -

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I detest doing Eyelets! Does anyone have some good advice or hints on how to make them uniform?

I want to thank those who have left comments on my No Joke entry. You guys had me in "stitches" this morning!!!! LOL! The different ideas you all had just cracked me up so much that I was sitting here laughing out loud to myself ;o) Oh how I wish we were able to get a set of these for retreat. Imagine the mischief we would get into... ;o)

Look who dropped by today -

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This little red fox has been through our yard twice this week. I believe it to be the same one I saw this past spring. It's not tame but it's not that afraid of being seen either. It's usually odd to see a fox out like this during the middle of the day but the coat looks healthy with no outward signs of disease. The dogs aren't too happy about the new intruder so we have to be extra careful when we have them outside. As much as I dislike foxes (one killed all my ducks a few years ago :o( ) they are quite beautiful and graceful to watch. I even got to see it hunting for mice and to see a fox pounce is just too cute :o)


Karen said...

I love your finish the colours are super. we have a real fox problem round here some of the neighbours feed them!!!!!! ducks have been killed on the pond round the corner, I sit waiting by the window in the mornings waiting to see how many people will hop by as I seem to have one half chewed shoe on my front garden every morning,

Lori-Ann said...

ya, feeling a little frumpy lately as well. Maybe we need a pitty-party.

Fox is cool! Your dogs would love a fox hunt...I know Frank would!

BeckySC said...

Congratulations on your finish :) It looks great!

Mary Ann said...

I LOVE your Plum Berry Sampler finish!!

Cool picture of the fox!

Cindy said...

Congratulations on your finish!!

Jenn said...

Your finish looks great Congrats.

Shannon L. said...

Great finish - and your changes look great :)

Anonymous said...

wow! you did a wonderful stitching job. I love your changes. The fox is so cute.

Yuko said...

Congraturaltions on your finish!
It's so lovely and your stitch is so beautiful, I can see it from here!