Tuesday, October 02, 2007

No Joke

Since things have been a little blah around here this past week, I thought I would inject a little humour into my Blog :o) As my regular readers already know, I'm quite open about various things and when I saw this in a magazine, it really took the cake and I couldn't resist writing about it. LOL! Meet Pee and Poo -

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No, I'm not joking! These are actually stuffed toys for children who are learning about potty training :o) They were developed in Sweden and they are being sold there as we speak. They even have their own website!

Okay, how disturbed are you by this? Can you honestly say that you wouldn't mind a pile of poo or pee in your child's room? What if friends come over and ask what that brown toy is over in the corner. Are you going to tell them "That's (my child)'s poo." ROFL!

Since I am not a mother, maybe some of the moms can comment on whether they think these toys would be great learning tools or not. Personally, I can't see it. Is it possible for a child to connect potty training with stuffed toys?

So the next time you ask somebody what they got for their birthday and they respond "I got Pee and Poo." they may not be shitting you ;o)


Rachel S said...

EWWWW. That is so much worse than pointing to a friend wearing a Winnie the Pooh shirt and saying, "You have a little pooh on your shirt."

Karen said...

lol they would appeal to me , mind you I can't really comment can I when my email is pooh

Shannon L. said...

uhhh... ummm... well... any child I know would "learn" about the potty by putting Pee and/or Poo into the bowl before they did anything. And then... Ok, seriously the only thing that comes to mind is are they washable and how many times can you wash them ?

What will they think of next ? LOL

Faith Ann said...

That's disgusting!! There is NO way that I would want that in my house... and I can't imagine thinking that my son was hugging little pee and poo.

Mary Ann said...

Even though, I would never buy a child those and do not see that they would help with potty training--I do think they are kind of funny in an EWWW sort of way. :)

nursy said...

I don't think they would help with potty training because I could see them being dunked in the toilet many many times.

However, as an adult with a weird sense of humor.... I'd love to have a pair.

"Hey Nursy! What's that brown bloob sitting in the middle of the dinner table? Why that's my poo!


Or... "what's that on your chair at retreat?" "OOOHHH so that's where I left my poo!"

Oh dear, I really want a pair now... wait til pheeny sees this...

Cindy said...

Oh my! I really don't get how they would help with potty training, but I think that they are a bit funny.

But what happens when the kid asks if they can take their poo to school?

Lori-Ann said...

Ok, I'm a mom of 2 kids...books help, but the stuffed "examlples are just mental!

On the other hand, maybe they can substitute for doctor's samples? rofl.

I think the brown one sits there just like my hubby on the couch! :o

Alberta ('Berta) said...

Glad to see you still have your sense of humour! I think they are adorable...but...not sure how it would help with potty training...but then I had doubts about debit cards!!!! How wrong was I about that?

Anonymous said...

LOL I think they're cool. Have you seen those little underpants with Pee on the front and Poo on the back pmsl!!! I want them he he he

Jenn said...

I don't know if they would help with potty training but, I do find them funny.