Friday, October 26, 2007

Hey Foxy!

It seems that our little friend has become somewhat of a permanent fixture around our house lately -

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Our fox came around yesterday at lunchtime (this seems to be his/her preferred time) and took to hunting moles and mice in our side pasture. Since the field had been cut back in August, it was long enough to house lots of potential food and short enough for us to see our friend :o) I ran in and got the digital camera and over twenty minutes, DH and I tried to get closer and closer as we took pictures.

This guy, or gal, is not really skittish, although I would not call him/her friendly. For some reason though, it comes by during the day and is hardly bothered by cars, humans or dogs. From what DH and I can tell, he/she looks very healthy. He/she was so consumed in hunting that it never even noticed DH get about ten feet away from him/her!

The cheeky little bugger came back though and I was able to snap this picture as he/she ran by -

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The only thing I worry about is the dogs. Brie especially because she's so small, although she puffed herself up when she "finally" noticed the fox. The only thing that worries me about Duncan is that he would chase after it and possibly get bitten. That would not be good :o( Thank goodness both have their rabies shots.

Anyway, it's enjoyable to watch him/her. So as long as we can still live in harmony, no one has to move ;o)


Anonymous said...

Aww lovely. We have one around here and see him walking down the street sometimes in the late evening lol.

Alberta ('Berta) said...

Foxy...what a beautiful coat! I like animal furs on the animals! Don't even own a leather jacket! I do hope that Foxy respects that the dogs were there first!

Have a great weekend!

Karen said...

the fox's here ignore the dogs , saying that tho Candy does have a fox friend she has to chat to about 2am in the morning, and the flipping fox replies it goes on for about 10 mins or less if I throw the pillow at madam

Lili said...

Beautiful pics! Wild life is so fascinating...
I have started the same Samsarah project and also intend to stitch the other one afterwards... Not a surprise when we consider all the tastes we share... Lol!
Enjoy your week end!

Lori-Ann said...

I share the same concern for your doggies.

Iris said...

What a lovely, beautiful animal !!

WendyCarole said...

My mum gets foxes in her garden. The neighbours them in the winter and they turn up at about the same time each day.