Wednesday, October 31, 2007

It's Halloweenie!

On the way home yesterday, DH and I came upon a murder of crows. I couldn't get over the number of them! It really was an eyrie sight. They had all descended on this one particular house. It kind of reminded me of Alfred Hitchcock's popular movie, The Birds.

I've always been a fan of horror movies. I have no idea why. Halloween, with Jamie Lee Curtis, was one of the first ones I ever saw when I was growing up. Friday the 13th, with the popular maniac Jason, was next and shortly followed by A Nightmare On Elm Street with my good old pal, Freddy Krueger :o) Yes, I had a poster of Freddy on my wall as I was growing up. Maybe that accounts for my twisted mind ;o)

How many of you are scared after watching a horror movie? I don't think it was so much the blood and gore that got to me. I would have to say it was the 'music'. Each one of those horror films has its own unique and frightening tune, enough to send shivers up your spine. I wonder how they come up with these things.

For those of you who were reading my Blog last year, you might remember that Brie dressed up as a vampire :o) Well this year she's decked out in John Deere -

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Someone was NOT happy! LOL! So I put the rabbit costume on her -

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Pickles was a better model but he had his limits. He was also bribed with a carrot ;o)


Shannon L. said...

Absolutely ADORABLE !!!! Both of them, of course :) But that John Deere outfit is fantastic :D

Faith Ann said...

Awwwwww... very cute!

The bunny costume is so realistic... I assume that's Duncan dressed up as a bunny? ROFL

Brie's costume is awesome!

Yuko said...

Do you have rabbit?? I DO LOVE RABBITS!!!!
I had 3 rabbits when I was a child, they were sooooooooooo cute, slept on my tummy!!!
Oh, he is so cute and he looks one of my rabi=

Rachael said...

That's funny!So cute!
I love Horrors ,I love reading them as well I'm a Stephen King Fan

Lori-Ann said...

bahaha... too cute and funny. I didn't know you had a Wabbit... just that you liked them :) I'm majorly allergic ACHOO! sniff. but they are adorable.

Frankie has a vampire costume, for good reason. He will go nuts tonight, barking at everyone.

We just might be over your way for the mini retreat :)

What scares me... hhmmm... TAXES!! lol

Laural said...

I love being scared by movies too. I remember the first time I watched IT I was about 7.

Brie's costume is adorable! I love the little hat!

Karen said...

I cant watch horror movies, I have to leave the room or if the movie is loud the house, Brie looks so cute ,

Anonymous said...

LOl too funny.

I love horror movies too and I'd definitely say it's the music that adds to the scarey bits, BUT I saw a horror without ANY music to warn you of the scarey bits happening and that was the most horrifying horror I've ever seen!

Cindy said...

LOL...very cute :)

Alberta ('Berta) said...

Love the pets! As to horror movies, I'm too easily persuaded...weak mind...and I'll have nightmares for many nights in a row!

Hope you get only treats - no tricks!

Sharon said...

Cathey, Brie is sooo cute. Love that costume. What a good girl she is. My little Sparky has an absolute fit when I try to dress him up. I love that picture, give Brie a kiss for me.