Saturday, October 30, 2010

Eighteenth Finish For 2010

I was bad. A bad, bad, bad stitcher! But I just couldn't resist... I took a little break from Sabrina to stitch this little cutie -


This is Pumpkin Kiss by The Cricket Collection stitched on 32 count Lambswool linen. Now you can see why he just had to be done ;o) One more pumpkin to add to my collection. I even have the perfect backing fabric for when I get ambitious enough to finish him. LOL!

I feel kind of bad because I don't have any fall projects stitched this year. I still have my summer pieces hanging up and nothing to replace them with. I love my snowmen but even I think it's a little too early for them ;o)

I have to apologize to Patti because I won the draw on her Blog and haven't posted a picture of my goodies yet. I finally got myself organized enough. Lookie at what arrived a couple of weeks ago -


Thank you SO much Patti! I've had fun going through ALL of it :o)


Jane said...

No wonder you couldn't resist, cute pumpkin or what!
Like you my Autumn collection of stitching is sparse and having concentrated so much on Halloween I don't think I'll fit much in now but snowmen I'd have them out all year long if it didn't confuse the kids so much thinking they were due Christmas prezzies a little too often xxx

Myra said...

OH-my-goodness! I love pumpkin kiss! That is just adorable. Congratulations on your win - looks like some fun stuff.

Myra said...

P.S. I think I just hypnotized myself while playing with your fish pond. ;oP

Karen said...

Cute finish! We won't tell Sabrina...she needed a weekend by herself...

Irene said...

Oh my, that is so sweet ! Yes, it's way too early to think of winter and snow.

Denise said...

A pumpkin for Pumpkin! It's a cutie! Now get back to Sabrina! ;0)
just joking!

Smiles - Denise

Parsley said...

That's just the cutest pumpkin kiss I've ever seen!

Great stitchy stash!

Anonymous said...

When I got to my blog and saw this posted on my blog links I thought it looked like a candy kiss. He is adorable and how could anyone not resist stitching it?

I only have a few items for autumn. I was just thinking today I wanted to stitch up a few small items. We shall see if that happens.

Wow what goodies you got the draw from Patti! Enjoy them.

Cole said...

Don't pumpkins count as fall stitching?? He's so cute, can't wait to see him finished up!

Congrats on the giveaway win :)

Rachel said...

Love the pumpkin!

Was Pumpkin Kiss a freebie from Cricket or in one of the JCS Halloween ornament issue?

TammyK said...

Cute pumpkin :)

Nancy said...

Oh, he's a cutie!!
And you won ALL of Dinky Dyes silks?!?! Congratulations!!!

Mary said...

Hi Cathey,
Sabrina is a beautiful piece but I can see how the "kiss" snuck in's adorable!
Sometimes, I find that I need a diversion from the larger pieces and these little guys are just perfect.
Who doesn't love a kiss?

Happy Halloween!!

Daffycat said...

Cute kiss! I can't wait to see how you finish him! We could do with some photos of your pumpkin finishes on display *hint hint*

Patti sent very nice goodies!

~*Shar*~ said...

This is too too cute hun; is it a free design? If not want to trade/sell the pattern. Congrats for the great win.

Hugs, Shar

Anonymous said...

Such a sweet stitch cannot be bad!! Very cute!

Leslie said...

what a cutie.

Happy Halloween

Gen said...

Nice! I have this one on my to-do-list (among many others), but haven't stitched it yet and now I see the colours you chose, I think I would choose something like that too, or maybe stitch it several times different colours if I have enough time... ahem! lol

Happy Halloween!!! ;))

Carol said...

Oh, he is the sweetest--I could just pop him right in my mouth!

Lisa said...

I love the little pumpkin kiss! You have every right to take a break from a big project and stitch this cutie! This year I have been so busy with life, I didn't get a chance to stitch any season project..but just tried to focus on getting a little stitching time on my Family Sampler.
Take care!

mumzy said...

Another pumpkin!!! I have to admit He is one cute pumpkin kiss.

My, my, where are you going to store everything you win.
(((Hugs and Love)))

Annie said...

Who could resist that pumpkin kiss! Have a great Fright Night!

Marylin /Poussy said...

happy halloween

have a good day
marylin FRANCE

Cindy's Stitching said...

The pumpkin kiss is so cute. Congrats on the giveaway

Anonymous said...

Oh, it's adorable!

Renee said...

That CEC pumpkin kiss just had to be designed for you!! :) It's so cute!!

Melanie said...

Gah! He's a cutie!

Crazee4books said...

Hi Cathey,

Now that is one cute pumpkin!
Love his eyes and the neat
little peak to his pumpkin
lid, with a bit of leafy
accent. And he's got the
greatest toothy grin! I
can't say that I blame you
for falling for this fella
and wanting to stitch him.
I'm sure Sabrina will

We had a cold Halloween night
here and as a result not quite
as many kids as last year came
knocking at our door. We have
quite a bit of candy (those
mini chocolate bars) left over
and DH is under strict orders
to take it all to work with
him tomorrow to share with his
co-workers. I'm not to be
trusted around chocolate.

We did have a bit of snow/ice
pellets fall during a couple
of brief blizzards today so
maybe it really isn't all that
early for putting out your
snowmen stuff.

Wow!! Patti was really
generous with the draw that
she had on her blog. Look at
all the wonderful stuff that
she sent you. You've been
very lucky in draws that you
have entered lately eh?

Have a great week Cathey!


Julie said...

Cute little pumpkin designs

Great prixe in Patti's draw

Hope all went well at your mammogram

Tatkis said...

You've stitched such a lovely pumpkin :)
Congratulations with the giveaway gifts!

Best wishes,

Jenn's Crafty World said...

What a cutie! No wonder you had to drop everything else:)
Love your loot - you'll be a busy girl!

Ranae said...

Adorable pumpkin kiss
Nice score on the win

Lori-Ann said...

a very cute kiss.

Sharon said...

Sweet finish! How ever will you find your computer again through all the stash! What a great win!