Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Nineteenth Finish For 2010

I have a surprise for you! Now what has she been up to you ask? I've been a bad, bad wittle stitcher again ;o) LOL!

I loved Pumpkin Kiss so much that I figured he should have a friend so this is where Thankful Kiss comes in -


How cute is this little turkey???? Now you can see why I couldn't resist ;o) Thankful Kiss is another freebie by The Cricket Collection and was stitched on 32 count Lambswool linen. His body called for silver Kreinik but I didn't want the bling and just went with DMC 648. Both will be made into ornaments...at some point.

Halloween went really well here. It ended up raining off and on so we didn't have as many kiddies this year...only 50. That meant a lot of candy left over and not what my waist needs right now :oP

The plans for our Jack-O-Lantern didn't go as planned :o( We 'were' going to make a snowman out of pumpkins and even got three of different sizes but with a lack of time and energy, he never got built. DH quickly carved out one on Sunday and he is fondly known as Phil (private joke) -


Scary looking isn't he?

As you may have noticed, I've achieved over 200 Pumpkin Stalkers! I had a huge smile on my face the day I saw that :o) I believe there are three duplicates though so I 'technically' need one more Stalker to make it an official 200. I'm not sure what the different between a Blogger follower and Google follower is.

Anyhoo...a warm welcome to my new Stalkers! I hope you will enjoy yourself here. If you haven't noticed already, things are pretty laid back here at the Pumpkin Patch ;o) LOL!

About a month ago, I promised that if I accumulated 200 Followers that I would hold another giveaway and I hold myself to that :o) But seeing as I just had two big giveaways and we're going into a busy time of year, I'm going to hold off until the new year. Hey, it just gives you something to look forward to, right? Keep your eyes peeled come January 1 ;o)


Daffycat said...

Woo ~ cute turkey kiss. He will go well with your pumpkin kiss. Gotta love free patterns.

Congratulations on all those Stalkers!

When to you hear the results from your mammogram anyway?

Patty C. said...

That's a plump little Turkey - He needs a kiss - lol
VERY CUTE finish

Crazee4books said...

Hi Cathey,

That is one cute little turkey
indeed!! These are sweet designs
and look like they'd be nice and
easy and relaxing to stitch.
Which are usually the sort that
end up requiring lots of frogging
and recounting and more frogging
for some reason. For me anyways.
I think stitching the body all in
silver Kreinik would have been a
bit too much anyways.

We had a nice dry night for
Halloween this year but it was
quite chilly and we actually had
flurries of very fine ice pellets
during the day. So we didn't
have quite as many kids come to
the door as we did last year.

It left me with a cauldron full
of mini chocolate bars at the
end of the night. Not Good!
I'd already been digging into
them during the shelling out
part of the evening. I have
no self control when it comes
to chocolate.

So Monday morning Phil took a
cauldron of mini chocolate bars
to work with him to share with
the guys. And I'm happy to get
the stuff out of the house and
away from ME!!!

I must show the picture of Phil
the pumpkin to my DH ... Phil
the husband. :)

Phil the pumpkin needs a
mustache to complete the
connection by the way. :)

Congrats on getting over 200
stalkers Cathey!! That's


Crazee4books said...

Hi again Cathey,

It seems to old memory is
shorting out again. I've
put a lot of the same stuff
(about Halloween) in this
comment as I did on the one
on your previous post. Sorry
for repeating myself like that.
When you get to be my age (52)
things start to ... uh ... to
... uh ... I'm sorry, what was
I saying???


And Happy Easter Too!


Rachel said...

Cute finish and looks like another one I missed. I will need to contact the designer and see if she is planning on releasing them in a chart (they arent part of the Kiss charts she does have)

vEr0n!c@ said...

Very cute turkey! LoL! Congratulations on all your stalkers ^.^

Deborah said...

Love the little turkey! So cute and plump.

Karen said...

He is a cutey! Kudos on so many "stalkers".

Irene said...

Delicious looking !

jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

nineteen and counting no doubt. Can't wait to see what's next. Congratulations to you for have a blog for 200 stalkers to visit.
I know I look forward to a good read.
Be always in stitches.

Annie said...

You are just full of kisses! That turkey is just too cute.

50 trick or treaters sounds like a lot to me. Didn't realize you had so many kids in the area. Hope you had enough leftover candy to munch on!

♥ Nia said...

Those patterns are really cute!! =)
I've never carved a pumpkin in my life! Lol! It's not traditional here but I hope I'll do it one day, just for fun and to kill my curiosity :p
I hope I'll see your pumpkin-snowman next year!

Congratulations on your 200 stalkers!! :D
I think that a google-stalker follows blogs by email notifications, they don't have a blogger account. (I think!!)

Faith Ann said...

Cute little pumpkin and Thanksgiving kisses!! Those are sweet!!

Carol said...

Awww...your little turkey kiss is adorable, Cathey! Congratulations on 200+ followers--your blog is always one of my favorites to visit :)

Julie said...

Cutie little thankful kiss

Wouldn't want to meeet 'Phil' on a dark night LOL

Patti said...

Just too cute for words. Hmph shame we don't celebrate Thanksgiving here in the U.K., but then again I could as I am a Yank.

Your stitching is just lovely.
Patti xxx

TammyK said...

Congrats on the cute wittle turkey kiss :)

Jenn's Crafty World said...

He's cute!

JOLENE said...

Wow, what a lip-smacking kissable turkey you have there!! Your devilish pumpkin is awesome and evil!! Smiles...

Lori-Ann said...

giving up cadbury eggs for kisses now? (I hear they made them creamier... the kisses) yum!
Great stitches.

mumzy said...

Cute Thankful Kiss. Congrats on reaching 200 stalkers. Looking forward to next week.

{{{Hugs and Love}}}

Blu said...

What an adorable turkey!

Brigitte said...

Your two new finishes are so cute and I can easily see why you "had" to stitch them, lol.
You're one lucky girl, Cathey. Enjoy the wonderful goodies you won at Dinky Dyes and at Patti's giveaway.
And last but not least congratulations on over 200 followers.

Sharon said...

Too cute! Love him too.