Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Do You Want To Know Who Won?



LOL! Of course you do ;o)

I want to thank everyone who entered and I really wish that I could give everyone a prize :o( There were 57 entries and I went to Random.org to let them make the decision. Unfortunately I don't know how to do a screen shot so I've listed the results below. So...

CONGRATULATIONS Cythia! You are the winner of the $50 gift certificate from Handcrafts Online :o) I will be emailing you shortly!

"List Randomizer

There were 57 items in your list. Here they are in random order:

1. Cythia Harris
2. Lynnie
3. Crazee4books
4. Melissa
5. Aussie Stitcher
6. Marjorie
7. Jenn's Crafty World
8. Lisa
9. devonaz
10. Faye
11. Daffycat
12. Rachael
13. Carolyn
14. Siobhan
15. Lori-Ann
16. JulieF1962
17. Denise
18. Harmien
19. Kajsa
20. Calamity Jr
21. Tatkis
22. Rachel
23. Paisley
24. Tracey
25. Gen
26. Danielle
27. Karen
28. Vinniey
29. Ellen (Stitch Passion)
30. Jane
31. Dixie Samplar
32. Patti
33. Melanie
34. Alberta
35. Julie
36. Myra
37. Ellen C
38. Gert
39. Sharon
40. Jayne
41. Cole
42. Nia
43. Carol
44. Angela P
45. Valerie
46. Kathryn
47. Jo
48. Patty C
49. Annie
50. Hillery
51. Veronica
52. Rachel S
53. Cindy
54. Leah
55. Blu
56. Kat
57. Deborah

Timestamp: 2010-10-05 13:40:01 UTC"

Stay tuned and I promise there will be some stitching soon ;o)


Heather said...

I don't think I entered. Congratulations to the winner.

I was doing screen shots today. On the right of your keyboard, most are on the same line as your F1 etc numbers and it has print screen/sysRq, just press that and it will save to your desktop and then you can put the photo onto your blog in the same way as a normal photo.

Denise said...

Congratulations to Cythia! I'm sure she'll enjoy the stash!

Smiles -

Lynnie said...

OMG I was soooooo close..#2 spot! haha

Happy blogaversary again!


Cynthia said...

OMGOSH! I'm so excited to have won! Thank you so much!!!
I'm going right over to Handcrafts Online to shop. After I post a big thank you on my blog!
Thank you again!!

Annie said...

Congrats to Cythia. That's a very generous giveaway!

I'll be happy to give you screen shot help!

Lisa said...

Congratulations Cynthia.

Leslie said...

congrats to the winner!!
Have a great week

Cole said...

Congrats to Cynthia ~ enjoy your new stash!

Carol said...

Congratulations, Cynthia--you are one lucky stitcher :) And thanks for the fun giveaway, Cathey!

Julie said...

Congrats Cynthia, thank you Cathey for a great giveaway

♥ Nia said...

Congratulations to the winner!!! Lucky girl :D

Ranae said...

Awwww! I missed it. Darn it!!!!
Congratulations to Cythia!